We will offer you a funding structure tailored to the individual needs of your company.

Operating capital loans

UniCredit Bank offers a practical solution for funding your company’s operations – a single credit line with which you can easily and repeatedly draw a bank overdraft, letter of credit, guarantee or credit tranche, or enter into transactions to secure your currency and interest rate risks.




Investment loans

Are you going to renovate or expand your company’s facilities? Do you need to free up funds invested in the last 12 months? We will help you in the decision-making on new investments and select a mix of loan and leasing tools for you to best suit your requirements.

Call us at our Infoline +420 221 210 031 and agree on an appointment with your advisor.



Financing of real property

UniCredit Bank provides a comprehensive range of products for the financing of real property projects mainly in the segment of offices, retail, industrial real property and residential houses. The bank finances the construction of new projects, as well as the renovation or acquisition of already existing real property. Thanks to its unique structure, the bank is able to provide banking services to clients both in the Czech Republic and in Slovakia.

Press release (7.9.2015) - UniCredit Bank is the best bank for financing of real property in the Czech Republic

Structured financing and Syndications

UniCredit is among the long term leading players in the area of structured financing in the Czech Republic and in Europe. The amount of a loan is not a limiting factor; we are able to extend billions in loans within the UniCredit Group, or in cooperation with other banks.

As your strategic partner in the field of structuring and arranging syndicated loans, we will help you achieve an optimum financial structure. Within UniCredit’s global operation, the financing of your expansion on foreign markets will be easier. We are even the bank with the highest level of expertise in the financing of renewable energy sources in the Czech market.

We have great experience in coordinating syndicated loans, and have the financing provided by several banks under our umbrella. We offer a large range of tailor-made products to satisfy the needs of your company – ranging from club loans to international, highly structured acquisition financing. We will ensure a subscription for financing – the loan will be extended by UniCredit, and then placed on the market. This solution is appropriate mainly for acquisition financing with respect to the speed and confidentiality before completing the transaction.


More information for Large enterprises and corporates

Structured financing and Syndications Small and medium-sized enterprises

Financing of agriculture

UniCredit Group understands the specific business conditions of agriculture in all 22 European countries where it operates. Based on a long local tradition dating back to Živnostenská banka and the shared experience from UniCredit’s Europe-wide network, we have prepared for you a special approach for financing agricultural business activities.

We understand the irregular income, the long-term and uncertain return on investments in livestock production, and income’s dependence on natural conditions.

With our good knowledge of agricultural business and our personal approach, we will help you find the most appropriate solution to meet your needs.



Energy sector and renewable sources

UniCredit Group understands the specific business conditions of renewable energy sources in all 22 European countries where it operates. Owing to our experience sharing across the pan-European UniCredit network, we have prepared a special approach for financing your entrepreneurial activities.

We are a bank with the highest involvement in the area of renewable energy sources in the Czech market.



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