Equities and bonds

UniCredit Bank’s bonds

UniCredit Bank offers the opportunity to invest in various types of the bank’s own issues of bonds which will appreciate your free funds in a safe and interesting manner. Purchasing the bonds, you become a creditor of the bank and acquire the right to the redemption of the face value at bond maturity and to the payment of gains on bonds. You may invest in various currencies, select from a wide offer of maturities and types of bonds.



Bonds of other issuers

Our bank is able to arrange for you the purchase of bonds of other issuers from the Czech Republic as well as from abroad. Depending on your preferences, you may select an investment or speculative-grade bond. You are free to choose between government or corporate bonds.



Investment certificates

Would you like to participate in a positive development of stocks, but you fear the possible investment slump? Investment certificates are an interesting complement of a portfolio which combines attractive yield potential, high probability of such yield, and a barrier against negative market development.
Thanks to the unique software of UniCredit AG Munich, we are able to create a certificate tailored to your needs within tens of minutes. You can choose from a wide range of underlying assets - stock indexes and individual stocks of large corporations. Further, you may choose the term, barrier, and coupon amount. As regards the investment certificates, UniCredit Bank is the number one in the Czech Republic and in Slovakia.
This product offers you:

  • a unique product just for you
  • potential for higher yield in excess of the inflation
  • partial protection of the invested amount


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