UniCredit Bank is a leader in the provision of custody services to both domestic and foreign financial institutions in the Czech Republic and the CEE region, and it is also a holder of permit to perform depositary tasks.

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Depository services

Depository services are provided to:

  • pension management companies, and particularly to pension funds under Act No. 426/2011 Coll. on Retirement Savings, participants funds pursuant to Act No. 427/2011 Coll. on Supplementary Pension Savings, transformed funds pursuant to Act No. 42/1994 Coll. on State-Contributory Supplementary Pension Insurance and on changes of certain acts connected with the implementation thereof, and to other funds pursuant to Act No. 240/2013 Coll. on Management Companies and Investment Funds.
  • management companies and investment funds pursuant to Act No. 240/2013 Coll. on Management Companies and Investment Funds.

UniCredit Bank is one of the largest depositories in the Czech Republic as regards the controlled assets of collective investment funds. Our size and standing in this segment allow us to take an active part in the formation of the market environment for depository services.

We cooperate closely with the regulator on the legislation process as well as on the process of setting the control mechanism and, in doing so, we always defend the interests of our clients.

UniCredit Bank Czech Republic and Slovakia, a.s. provides depository services under the surveillance of the Czech National Bank. It supervises the statutory and regulatory restrictions in the investment of funds in pension management companies and investment funds.

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