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Even small sums can secure you a better future.

Invest regularly in your future and that of your family.


To calculate loans, make sense.

Transfer your loans to us and save. Reward for proper repayment of up to 150 000 CZK.


I want more than usual.

Free account with withdrawals from all ATMs at home and abroad.



We will help you finance your needs and wishes. We offer loans tailored to your needs, prompt and easy handling and, in particular, savings on your existing loans. As for mortgages, we offer attractive interest rates, a choice between variable or fixed interest rates and, for fixed-rate loans, extraordinary instalments up to 20% free of charge.


We offer accounts for which you do not have to pay any charges with a 10-year guarantee.

Use your account actively and gain many other benefits.

Withdrawals from all ATMs all over the word free of charge are the norm in our bank.


We offer quality insurance protection for various life situations. You will be prepared for retirement, you will travel safe, you will not have to worry about difficult situations when repaying your loans and you will protect your assets.

My goals

Mobile Phones
Smart Banking

- An easy and convenient way to control your account

- The fastest login using your fingerprint

- Free of charge for all accounts and with significant savings on transactions

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