MůjDomov Property Insurance

MůjDomov insurance offers you a range of options for securing your property from the consequences of accidental events in the best way possible. Arrange building insurance or household insurance for yourself. You can choose from 3 insurance packages, depending on what scope of insurance you require.


What are the main advantages?

  • Building insurance and household insurance can both be arranged in one contract.
  • For different types of dwellings (house, cottage, apartment in private ownership, etc.).
  • Insurance can be paid monthly.
  • Damage is addressed quickly with the possibility of monitoring its status in your mobile application.


Dwelling Insurance and Household Insurance

We offer you MůjDomov Property Insurance against adverse events such as fire, flood, explosion, burglary, vandalism and much more in cooperation with Allianz Insurance Company.



The insurance can be arranged in 3 variants - KOMFORT, EXTRA or MAX

  • KOMFORT – a basic package for those who feel that protection against natural hazards and liability insurance is sufficient.
  • EXTRA – ideal if you want to have better protection of property against random phenomena not usually caused by people.
  • MAX – wide protection of property and liability, including insurance against theft or short-circuit of electronic equipment.


Who is this product for?

The policyholder (premium payer) can be a person over the age of 18 or a legal entity.


Where can I arrange it?

You can arrange a meeting at all UniCredit Bank branches online via UniCredit Shop.


Useful documents

MůjDomov Insurance Terms and Conditions


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