UniCredit is a strategic partner of large, medium and supranational companies as well as the public sector entities, financial institutions, institutional investors and financial sponsors.

International Center

Having a specialised department comprising employees fluent in several languages who have a very good grasp of the markets, we may provide support to your international or supranational company in the management of cross-border business activities. Providing perfectly tailored services, we will lend full support to your requirements.

EU Funds

UniCredit is one of the leading financial institutions in the European Union which supports access to EU funds.

We operate a specialised centre (European Competence Centre) with a comprehensive range of top-level services from consulting up to guarantees and agreements covering business plans from bridging loans up to investment funding.


UniCredit is one of the largest corporate lenders in Europe. We offer a wide range of products in the financing area from simple funding up to complex, structured funding solutions which go beyond a traditional loan.

Cash Management

UniCredit´s reputation of a leading Cash Management and electronic banking provider is very strong.

Deposits and investments

UniCredit may offer you support in efficient investments of your money.

Investment banking

UniCredit will facilitate your access to the capital market thanks to one of the most consolidated network of investment banking in Europe. We take advantage of a very close cooperation between relationship managers and specialised product teams operating in Munich, Vienna, and London.