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Bank guarantees

Does your business partner require a guarantee that you will deliver a contract in an agreed quality and quantity? Are you concerned that your customer will not pay for your goods or services? Make use of the services of UniCredit Bank, one of the leaders in providing bank guarantees. We will help you select a suitable type of guarantee and prepare its wording as per your requirements.


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Documentary Business

Do you sell or buy goods or services? Do you purchase materials for your own production, or manufacture products and sell them? UniCredit Bank specialists will advise you on using documentary trades to secure or finance your domestic and foreign transactions.
UniCredit Bank is a renowned bank in documentary trades in the market. We carefully monitor each of your collections and letters of credit and will inform you of any ambiguities. You can rely on our professional approach and accuracy.


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Would you like to increase your company’s liquidity other than by drawing a loan? Would you like to offer your customers longer payment terms? Or are you simply working to reduce the volume of receivables on your balance sheet? UniCredit Bank has abundant experience in purchasing domestic and foreign accounts receivables.

By purchasing your receivables, UniCredit Bank provides you with alternative access to funds. You thus not only obtain cash without having to apply for a loan but also strengthen the trust and respect of your business partners.


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Pre-export financing

Would you like to know how to finance your production when your customers settle their invoices after they receive their goods? Or do you need to invest in your production intended for subsequent exports? Pre-export purpose-specific loans from UniCredit Bank may be used for the purchase of raw materials and consumables, as well as for the production of a particular export order.


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Buyer's credit

Do you export goods and services and would like to be paid for them immediately upon delivery? Advantageous credit financing may be the solution. Take advantage of UniCredit Bank’s experience in providing long-term credit to foreign customers and their banks.


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Financing of foreign investments

We offer a broad range of loans to clients who would like to break into the international market. We will help you finance the establishment of a new enterprise abroad, the purchase an existing company or part of its assets, or the operation and development of a company owned by a Czech investor.


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