Complementary Insurance for Cards

We offer you a combination of quality insurance for various life situations and a selection of complementary services for your comfort.

TRAVEL Basic/PLUS Travel Insurance

Travel insurance offered as a payment card benefit can be appreciated by card holders during their private and business trips abroad. TRAVEL insurance provides insurance protection worldwide.

We offer insurance for trips with above-average insurance limits and a wide range of insured events, from liability for damage to cancellation and interruption of a trip, as well as compensation for permanent disability or death in the event of an accident.

Benefits of the product

  • Coverage for leisure and extreme sports is an automatic part of the TRAVEL insurance
  • With this insurance, you are covered for up to 90 days from the moment you went abroad


SAFE Basic/PLUS Insurance against Card Misuse

Insurance against card misuse by an unauthorised person – covers the consequences should your payment card be lost or stolen, thus relieving you of the ensuing worries and costs.

Benefits of the product

  • Coverage also applies to PIN-protected transactions and Internet transactions
  • With the insurance, you are covered retroactively for a period of 120 hours from the moment you had your card blocked


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