Life Insurance

Owing to the exclusive cooperation with Allianz pojišťovna, we offer you the Allianz ŽIVOT product, which offers you insurance in the event of various events that may occur in your life and thus affect your health. With a single policy, you can insure yourself and your loved ones. You can choose from three packages, which you can freely change or compile insurance according to your needs and choose from a wide range of supplementary insurance.

Allianz ŽIVOT ranked first in the Zlatá koruna competition!!




  1. The guarantee of the highest indemnity applies to additional accident insurance such as permanent consequences or daily compensation.
  2. Instant payment of funds: in the case of daily compensation, Allianz pojišťovna will pay you the money after determining and verifying the diagnosis, you do not have to wait for the injury to heal.
  3. Reward for a healthy lifestyle in the form of cheaper insurance premium.
  4. Unique “PRO BOJ” additional insurance will provide you with money in the case of cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Životní pojištění


Choose the additional insurance of the risks you are most worried about, adjust the length of insurance and the amount of insurance amounts to your needs.




What funds to invest in?

You can choose from three mutual funds of Amundi, which is the largest asset manager in Europe. All three funds allow you to invest in a wide range of assets from around the world (especially stocks, government, corporate bonds and other bonds) and, owing to a flexible approach, adapt to current market conditions.

Owing to investing in these assets, you can then indirectly participate in the development of securities of companies, countries and entire economies and markets, which allows you to achieve a more interesting increase in value than in current savings accounts. You have a choice of three different strategies tailored to different expected returns and risk of fluctuation.






  1. Tax relief – owing to the main insurance, the possibility of deducting up to CZK 24,000 from the tax base and income tax savings.
  2. No inheritance proceedings – designate a person who will receive insurance benefits in the event of your death without having to wait for the result of the inheritance proceedings.
  3. Flexible availability of funds – in the event of not taking advantage of tax benefits, the possibility of immediate withdrawal of part of the funds.
  4. Exemption from payment – the insurance company will pay the insurance premium for you in the event of your permanent disability.


Životní pojištění


In the event of your death, Allianz pojišťovna will pay the target amount, i.e., the amount that you planned to invest for the entire period increased by CZK 10,000.


How to arrange

Visit any of our branches in your area or contact your banker. You can also take out insurance with our banker remotely over the phone.

Reporting an insurance event

Based on a timely and correct reporting of the damage, the money will be sent to your account quickly; moreover, Allianz pojišťovna also allows you to monitor the condition of the damage.

Important documents

Investing in investment instruments involves the risk of fluctuations in the current value of the amount invested and in the return on such amount. The return of the amount originally invested is not guaranteed. Past returns are not a guarantee of returns in the future. Expected performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. Potential taxation depends on the investor’s personal situation and is subject to change.

Detailed information concerning the rule for the provision of investment services by the bank, including the basic description of compliance with regulatory rules and principles of protection of investment banking clients is available in the Investment Services document at UniCredit Bank Czech Republic and Slovakia. Basic information on the risks associated with investment services is available in the Investment Services document at UniCredit Bank Czech Republic and Slovakia. Basic information on incentives as a potential conflict of interest is available in the Conflict-of-Interest Policy document. The archive of this information is available in MiFID – Archive of Documents. Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact your point of contact in UniCredit Bank.

*Rating of the fund’s performance adjusted for risk against comparable competition. The highest rating is five stars. Data as of 14 May 2021.


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