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Bella Vita Variable Life Insurance

In cooperation with Generali Pojišťovna, we have prepared the Bella Vita Variable Life Insurance product. Bella Vita fully adapts to your current needs, and therefore it is suitable for the most demanding clients who decide on their own what is best for them and their family at the moment.

Why take out Bella Vita insurance?

  • Broad combination of life, accident, and sickness insurance for up to 8 persons under one policy
  • Variable investment and risk insurance in one policy
  • The possibility of changing preference between insurance protection and investment focus
  • The possibility of irregular investments in the form of extraordinary premiums
  • The possibility of changing the scope and amount of insurance coverage, adding or removing insured persons
  • The possibility of agreeing on an individual insurance period for individual risks = higher endowment value
  • Special risks enhancing security in the event of car accidents
  • Additional family assistance insurance
  • Tax advantage for the policy subject to compliance with the following conditions: policyholder = insured person, policy for at least 5 years and at least up to 60 years of age of the insured person
  • The possibility of contributions from the employer in the form of an ordinary and extraordinary premium
  • Payout of eight times the insured sum of total permanent disability
  • The possibility of drawing funds during the policy

More information

In cooperation with AXA Pojišťovna, we would like to offer you a unique product for your current or savings account held with UniCredit Bank – the U5 Insurance.

Why U5 Insurance?

In the event of a claim, the insurance company pays 5-times the balance on your account, even in the case of authorised overdrafts (the cap amount is CZK 500,000 on every insured account).

The insurance cover for permanent bodily impairment and accidental death costs less than CZK 1.70/day.


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