Operating mode of the bank at the end of 2019


Information on the Bank's operating regime and branch operations at the end of 2019 find here.


   Warning against fraudulent activity  


Dear Clients,

We strongly warn against a new type of fraudulent activity targeting Apple Pay and Google Pay users.

A fraudster on Facebook contacts a user (the fraudster often pretends, using a fake profile, to be one of the user’s friends) asking for transfer of a small amount of money via a special payment gateway where payment card information and a one-time SMS confirmation code are required. This payment gateway is fake and by filling in the information, the user will allow the fraudster to misuse the card. The fraudster then adds the card to the Apple Pay / Google Pay application to get the user's money.


Please comply with the following principles of safe behaviour on the Internet:

  • Always ignore requests for sending money via social networks from unknown users.
  • As regards requests for money from friends on social networks, always check with the respective friend, ideally over the phone or in person.
  • Never enter any payment card information on non-secure websites.
  • Always read the confirmation SMS.
  • Only enter Apple Pay / Google Pay service activation codes into these applications as part of their activation and never forward them to other people.
  • If you receive an activation SMS that you did not request, call your bank's infoline immediately.


What does an activation SMS look like?



   New payment card verification rules


Starting 14 September 2019, new card payment verification rules laid down in a European Regulation will enter into force in the Czech Republic.

In respect to this, we would like to notify you that there may in some cases be changes in payments using physical payment cards in brick-and-mortar shops.

Clients may be asked to enter their PIN for transactions of less than CZK 500 (for which no PIN currently has to be entered) or their transactions may be rejected without stating the reason for the rejection.

In such cases, payments can be made by inserting the card into the terminal and entering the PIN. This will verify the holder in accordance with the Regulation and the payment will be completed.


Contactless payments can also be made via payment cards downloaded onto a smartphone or other device.


   Warning against suspicious e-mails and unknown links and websites


Dear Clients,


We would like to inform you about fraudulent emails which are to give the impression that they were sent from UniCredit Bank. The emails encourage users to open a malware-containing attachment.

Do not respond to such emails and do not open the attachment! Opening the attachment can cause your computer to become infected.


UniCredit Bank never sends such emails to clients.


If you have received such an email and opened the attachment or if you notice anything suspicious in connection with your internet or mobile banking, do not hesitate to immediately contact UniCredit Bank through the client line at 800 14 00 14.


It is recommended to ignore suspicious emails; do not open any links or attachments contained in such emails under any circumstances. Comply with the Rules of Safe Behaviour on the Internet and in the Internet Banking.

Use an up-to-date antivirus software on your computer and on your smartphone.




UniCredit Bank


Example of a fraudulent email and website:


















   Warning of fraudulent behavior


Dear Client,
please pay attention to the enclosed information that describes fraudulent behavior by hacking the corporate e-mail. Read more.


   Information on the regime of processing pacment orders, administering mutual funds and the operation of the bank's branches at the end of the year 2018


More informations find here.



   End of support of Smart Banking for Windows Phone and tablets

In regards to modernization of UniCredit mobile banking support of Smart Banking for mobile phones with Microsoft Windows operating system and for tablets is going to be terminated – for Windows Phone as of 10/2/2018, for tablets as of 2/3/2018. If you want to continue using the service, you can download the application on your mobile phone with Android operating system (version 4.1 and higher) or iOS (version 9 and higher).

We make this step due to fast mobile application development and new regulatory requirements. Nevertheless the Online Banking Key mobile application, which generates one-time codes for logging in & signing payments in Online Banking, is still available. Also on tablets with iOS operation system it is possible to download mobile version of the application bearing in mind the application is not optimized for tablets.


   UniCredit Bank was awarded in the Financial Product of the Year 2017 competition

We confirmed our strong market position and we were awarded three times on top positions within the Financial Product of the Year 2017 competition organized by Among our award-winning products is our PRESTO Loan, which won 2nd place in the Non-Purpose Consumer Loans and PRESTO Loan - Credit Merger, which won the 3rd place in the Consolidation of Loans category. In the area of ​​mortgages, we obtained bronze medal.


“Our goal is to offer to our clients products that match their wishes, needs and preferences as much as possible. I am very pleased that experts have also appreciated the quality of our credit products this year. It turns out that our product offer is among the best in the retail market. We've been on the winning places for several years in a row, which is a prove of our strong commitment and dedication," says Tomáš Drábek, Head of Retail and Private Banking.


The prestigious Financial Product of the Year competition was held for the seventh time by financial portal The ranking is determined by Scott & Rose's experts, who regularly monitor, measure, and evaluate their financial products. The ranking of all products can be viewed year-round online.

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