1.12.2021 - Fraudulent Calls Alert
19.11.2021 - Moody’s assigns A3 long-term deposit ratings to UniCredit Bank Czech Republic and Slovakia
13.5.2021 - Planned technical outage
3.3.2021 - Warning berofe suspicious e-mails and SMS
9.3.2020 - COVID-19 preventive measures
Operating mode of the bank at the end of 2019
Warning against fraudulent activity
New payment card verification rules
Warning against suspicious e-mails and unknown links and websites
Warning of fraudulent behavior
Information on the regime of processing pacment orders, administering mutual funds and the operation of the bank's branches at the end of the year 2018
End of support of Smart Banking for Windows Phone and tablets
UniCredit Bank was awarded in the Financial Product of the Year 2017 competition
Spinning wheel animation


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