Professional Overdraft

Loan with no proof of income even for newly established entrepreneurs.

A loan that is specifically intended for selected freelance professions - individuals and legal entities doing business in the Czech Republic in any other capacity than a business license. This loan is intended for the following freelance professions:

notaries, attorneys, dentists, doctors, distrainers, bankruptcy trustees, pharmacists, veterinarians, tax advisors, auditors and dental technicians.

Professional bank overdraft is provided FREE OF CHARGE.


Professional Overdraft
  • a general-purpose loan for the financing of a client’s short-term operating needs related to the client’s scope of business (e. g. a time discrepancy between the due dates of receivables and payables, etc.)
  • submission and evaluation of applications free of charge
  • Loan provision free-of-charge
  • administration and keeping of the bank overdraft in a current account at CZK 200/month
  • the possibility of cashless or cash drawdown
  • loan amount: min. of CZK 30,000, max. of CZK 500,000
  • favourable interest rate
  • No collateral (applicable to individuals – entrepreneurs; legal entities require collateral in the form of a blank bill of exchange with a co-signer)
  • a loan for an indefinite period of time with a 2-month notice period

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