Deposit and Savings

Finanční rezerva se vždy hodí.


Above-standard 3% p.a. rate of return on a 3-month term deposit in combination with investment into unit trusts or investment life insurance. Security, accessibility, flexibility - that is DUET PLUS.

What will you get?

  • Guaranteed above-standard 3% p.a. return on a 3-month term deposit in CZK or EUR
  • Money invested into unit trusts is readily available to you
  • Extensive range of unit trusts offering diverse investment strategies in CZK, EUR, and USD
  • Investment life insurance combines the benefits of investments and possible interesting evaluation and insurance against the risk of death



Prima Savings Account

Earn an attractive rate of return on your available funds, or make your long-term dream come true with our PRIMA Savings Account.



Unique Savings PLUS

Have you saved up a large amount? Do you wish to evaluate it better than in a current account, but have your money still available? Unique Savings PLUS is designed just for you.



Term Deposits

Are you looking for a safe way to earn interest on your idle funds in CZK or a foreign currency? Then our term deposits are the right solution for you!



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