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Activate your rewards in Online Banking and take a look at the services you have received FOR FREE with your U konto.



More information about free of charge services

All you need is a monthly turnover of CZK 50 thousand or total deposits amounting to CZK 1 million (balance as of the 20th day of the month). Have your salary sent to your new account and be carefree!


Do you receive your salary otherwise?

  • In two or more payments? Don’t worry, the credit turnover is combined for the entire month.
  • Do you receive your salary in a foreign currency? The amount of the foreign currency is converted using the current exchange rate and included in the credit turnover.


The credit turnover does not include transactions between your own accounts, including transactions from an account in foreign currency to a CZK account or from a savings account to a current account.

Do you need an account in foreign currency?

Three current accounts can be maintained within U konto PREMIUM. You automatically obtain a CZK current account, which can do everything you’ll need to do, and moreover, you can open a second account in foreign currency of your choice.


With a CZK account, you will handle...

  • payments, deposits and withdrawals using a payment card
  • domestic and foreign one-off payments, standing orders, direct debits and SIPO
  • you will be able to manage your entire account conveniently by using the internet and mobile banking


Account in foreign currency will provide you...

  • freedom from constant exchange rate conversions
  • one-off payments, standing orders and direct debits
  • and you will be able to manage your entire account conveniently by using the internet and mobile banking


Use the second account within U konto according to our current offer provided by bankers at any branch.

How to use your payment card?

U konto also includes a Debit Mastercard Gold payment card or a VISA Gold credit payment card which you can use at home or abroad, and you can also have 2 more Debit Mastercard debit payment cards and one VISA Classic credit card.


Good to know

  • In order to activate the cards, all you need to do is use any ATM or you can also activate your debit card in your Smart Banking.
  • Your new card is valid for 3 years. A new card will be sent automatically upon expiration.
  • Use contactless payments - without the need to enter PIN for payments up to CZK 500. If you exceed the amount, the terminal will automatically invite you to enter the PIN.
  • Add a Mastercard to iPhon, iPad, Mac or Apple Watch and don't waste your time at cash registers or by constantly filling in your payment information. Read more information about Apple Pay.
  • Your debit card can be linked to your domestic as well as foreign currency account. You will not have to deal with the current exchange rates. When paying abroad, the funds will be settled with no conversion. Detailed information is available in the Product Business Terms and Conditions.
            o   The card itself uses the correct account, i.e. the one identical to the transaction currency.
            o   If you have several accounts in foreign currency and there is not enough money on the required account, the card itself uses the account in EUR, if such an account is linked to the card.
  • Do not waste your time at cash desks to deposit cash to your account. You can simply deposit domestic currency by using our deposit ATMs, completely free of charge.

We are taking care of the security of your internet card payments through 3D Secure. Every time you make an online card payment, you will receive a one-time authentication SMS code from us and use it to confirm your payment.


We recommend...

✔  Define an easy-to-remember PIN for your card by using our ATM. What about the year when your favourite singer was born or when you earned your first money?


Our tip

The Debit Mastercard Gold payment card includes travel insurance free of charge for TRAVEL BASIC card holders. Extend this insurance to a TRAVEL PLUS insurance and enjoy higher limits covering also your close ones who will be travelling with you.


Where can I withdraw cash free of charge?

With each of your Debit Mastercard and Debit Mastercard Gold, VISA Classic and VISA Gold payment cards, you can withdraw cash from any ATM in the Czech Republic and worldwide free of charge and without limitations.


Benefits for you...

  • You don’t carry too much cash and keep your finance safe.
  • You withdraw money only when you need to - anytime and anywhere.
  • You don’t have to search for ATMs of our bank; instead, you can use the closest at hand.
  • Withdrawing cash from other ATMs is free of charge.


We recommend...

In some countries, there are non-banking ATM operators charging their own fee directly upon withdrawal. However, the ATM will notify you about this fact through a message and you decide whether you confirm the withdrawal or not. We are unable to ensure a free of charge withdrawal as regards these ATMs. A free of charge withdrawal of money from us is guaranteed in all the other cases, which represent the vast majority.

Handle everything from the comfort of your home

With U konto, you get the modern Online Banking.


With us, it’s easy to do the following online...

  • displaying an overview and history of accounts, debit and credit cards, securities and loans
  • account statements and other documents in PDF format
  • wide range of functions for domestic and foreign payment operations with the possibility of saving templates for repeat payments
  • establishing, changing and cancelling standing orders and term deposits
  • making credit card payments
  • topping up prepaid mobile SIM cards
  • setting SMS and email information sending, for example about your account balances or transactions

We recommend...

✔  Log into Online Banking only on computers and networks that are secured and reliable.

✔  Our Smart key application is recommended for logging into Online Banking. It always generates a unique one-time code for access to Online Banking. The application itself is secured really well, protected by PIN, your fingerprint or Face ID, which you can set by yourself.


Our tip

If you need advice on a particular operation, please read this handy ONLINE BANKING MANUAL.

Have your bank available any time

QR kód - download Unicredit App

Be flexible with the Smart Banking mobile application. If you have not downloaded the Smart Banking application yet, don’t hesitate!




  • Tracking all your accounts, payment cards and loans on your smartphone.
  • Tracking your account balance with no need to log in owing to the Fast Check feature.
  • Having a detailed overview of the transactions on your accounts and payment cards.
  • Sending payments up to CZK 50,000 a day and also authorising payments up to CZK 5,000 using only your fingerprint or Face ID.
  • Paying by scanning QR codes, barcodes or cheques.
  • Creating payment templates to make entering payments easier.
  • Repeating payments from the account transaction history.
  • Repaying your credit card in a few seconds.
  • Setting up, changing or cancelling your standing orders easily. 
  • Making conversions between your own accounts in various currencies.
  • Topping up your mobile phone.
  • Activating your payment card.
  • Looking for the nearest branch or ATM.
  • Using a practical calculator of the current exchange rates.
  • The Smart Banking application includes a Smart key function, which generates one-time codes for logging in and signing payments in Online Banking.


Good to know

The application also contains an overview of transactions on accounts and debit cards for the last 12 months. Given the PDF format, statements are only available in Online Banking.


We recommend...

✔  The application is secured really well, protected by PIN, your fingerprint or Face ID, which you can set by yourself.

✔  Does your phone enable fingerprint or face recognition? Then you have the upper hand! Fingerprint or face recognition is recommended for an easy access to the application and for confirmation of small payments up to CZK 5,000.

✔  Don’t log into the application using public Wi-Fi.


Our tip

If you need advice on a particular operation, please read this simple SMART BANKING MANUAL.

Excellent discounts with the U-šetřete programme

U-šetřete is a discount programme linked to your payment card, which will discreetly credit discounts from our partners back, directly to your account.


Activating the programme and partners’ discounts is not linked to any commitment. That’s why you should activate everything that catches your attention immediately and not wait until you go shopping - this is the only way not to miss out on any discount, even if you forget it afterwards.


How to get a lot of benefits?

  • When activating your payment card, we have sent you an email through which you will easily activate your profile.
  • Tailor your own discounts. Once you log in, select the partners’ discounts that are relevant for you and activate them afterwards.
  • Once you pay, you get the money automatically back directly to your account.
  • When shopping, you don’t have to apply for discounts. The seller will not learn about the discount at all and everything is completely discreet.
  • Download the U-šetřete application directly on your smartphone and always keep track of all the discounts.


Our tip

Activating the programme and partners’ discounts is not linked to any commitment. Choose the discounts from all merchants who interest you. Don’t wait for the right time, because you can easily forget and miss out on the discount.

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