Now, an extra bonus of CZK 1,000 for your loan application!

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Everyone can save money with an interest rate of only 2.6% p. a. for due repayment.

Transfer one or more loans to UniCredit Bank and get a reward for due repayment.

For due repayment, you get a reward of 15%, 20%, 25% up to 40% of the loan amount (excluding the up-front fee and the insurance of the ability to pay). Find out how much you can get back and what are the advantages of a PRESTO Loan here.


Favourable interest rate
From the comfort of your home    No unnecessary paperwork
CZK 1,000 bonus for your loan application

Flexible repayment
Choose the date of your payment
or postpone it.


What may your reward amount to?

Loan amount Reward after duly paid instalments
60 - 71 months 72 - 83 months 84 - 96 months
CZK 30 000
and more

15 %
of the loan amount
20 %
of the loan amount
25 % to 40 %
of the loan amount


It’s easy to get a reward for due repayment!

  • Take out a loan in our bank with a maturity of 60 months and longer
  • You are also free to transfer just one loan or one credit card or bank overdraft
  • You can take out a loan beyond the refinanced amount, thus obtaining the maximum reward
  • Make due loan repayments
  • Don’t make early repayment of the entire loan or part thereof

Information about PRESTO Loan (PDF, 645 kB)

Make your loans cheaper by transferring them to our bank.

The interest rate for due repayment of only 2.6% p. a. applies for loans of at least CZK 100,000 with an 84-month maturity and an active insurance of the ability to pay.

The reward for due repayment of loan only applies to the PRESTO Loan – Loan Transfer for any amount of loan, even without taking out insurance of the ability to pay with a maturity of 60 months and longer, provided the entire loan or part thereof is not repaid early.


Representative example: I want to borrow CZK 202,000 • The total loan amount of CZK 237,688 includes a commitment fee of CZK 1,500 and a fee for insurance of CZK 34,188 • Duration of loan: 84 months • Interest rate: 7.9% p.a. • Monthly instalment: CZK 3,693 • Annual percentage rate (APR): 13.84% (in the event of non-compliance with the conditions of due repayment) • Total amount due: CZK 313,491, following the offset of reward for due repayment of CZK 263,491, which corresponds to the interest rate of 2.6% p.a. • The interest rate applies subject to taking out insurance of the ability to pay and opening an account in UniCredit Bank (or signed account mobility).

This offer is for informational purposes only; it does not represent a proposal to execute a contract.

Conditions for obtaining CZK 1,000: Submission of an application for a PRESTO Loan – Loan Transfer shall mean a completed application without rejection based on searching in a database allowing for assessment of the loan applicant’s creditworthiness. Payment of CZK 1,000 is not conditional upon signing a loan agreement.

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