Notification for unit holders of Amundi Funds II (former Pioneer Funds) sub-funds

We would like to inform you about the merger of the Amundi Funds and Amundi Funds II (former Pioneer Funds) fund family into one, which is planned for June 2019. This step will accomplish the key stage of the 2017 purchase of Pioneer Investments Group. The merger-related costs and expenses are borne by Amundi Luxembourg S.A.


No activity on your part is required in relation to this transaction.


Once the transaction is accomplished, the Amundi Funds fund family will consist of 92 sub-funds with a total volume of assets of EUR 90 billion. As a consequence, our offer will be more transparent for investors and we believe that it will meet the investors’ needs even better. Forty per cent of the funds offered will have the highest quality rating of the Morningstar agency (4 or 5 stars).


Given its large scale, the merger of individual sub-funds will take place:

  • in four stages during the four weekends of June, and
  • according to the pre-defined sub-fund groups.


During a period preceding each stage (a weekend in June), trading in units of the sub-funds concerned will be suspended, both on the part of Amundi and, consequently, on the part of the Bank. For information about the deadlines for submitting instructions for buy/sell/switch prior to the suspension of the trading, see individual merger stages below.


Instructions for regular investment which should be executed during the suspension period will be executed at the earliest possible date once the trading is restored. Afterwards, further regular investments will already be channelled into target sub-funds; see individual merger stages below.


Information about the securities that you obtain in exchange within the merger will be available in your asset account statement for 2Q 2019, which will be sent by the Bank in July 2019. Detailed information concerning the merger, including the characteristics of the merged and target sub-funds, is also available on the Amundi Group‘s website for the Czech Republic at


Click on the items below for more detailed information on the individual merger stages:

Merger Stage 1
Merger Stage 2
Merger Stage 3
Merger Stage 4


An overview of the conversion ratios between the merged sub-funds and the target sub-funds HERE.

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