Legal acts of UniCredit Bank Czech Republic and Slovakia, a.s. („bank“) are subject to the following limitations:

1. The bank’s advertisements are made for information purposes only and are not offers to enter into an agreement.

2. The bank reserves the right to not enter into an agreement, regardless of the stage of negotiations, in particular if necessary internal approvals are not obtained within the bank.

3. Unless the bank has stipulated or agreed otherwise, the bank legally acts solely in writing and is not bound by acts made in a different form.

4. The bank excludes the possibility of an offer to enter into an agreement being accepted with a supplement or variation and a response to an offer containing a supplement or variation will therefore not be considered an acceptance of the offer.

The bank gives information and advice solely on the basis of resources available to the bank on the date of giving the relevant information or advice and does not assume any liability for the information or advice given being affected by circumstances that the bank could not have known even when acting with professional care or that occurred after the giving of the information or advice.

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