Have you received from a friend of yours a special discount voucher for UniCredit Bank products? In that case, you can save thanks to discounts and advantages intended only for you – you just need to open one of the stated products with our Bank and submit your valid voucher at our point-of-sale.

  • Choose from our offer of products
  • To avail the discount, present your voucher which contains a unique promo code when applying for product at any branch of UniCredit Bank, UniCredit Leasing or at business representation of a car brand. Follow the instructions on your voucher.
  • If you apply for the product through UniCreditShop.cz, enter your promo code in the relevant field.

*By using a voucher or Promo Code, you confirm that you have been acquainted with the terms and conditions of the Be UniCredit Marketing Campaign for Clients

Product Offer


The best things in life are free

U Konto is one of the best accounts in the market. With our bank, all ATM withdrawals, account-keeping as well as domestic standard online payments are FREE.
Choose an account according to your needs!



  • For everyone aged 15 to 26


  • All you have to do is credit your account with at least CZK 12,000 a month


  • For demanding clients
  • You get up to two gold cards and Premium Health Assistance as a bonus
  • All you have to do is have a cashless credit turnover on your account of at least CZK 50,000 in the relevant month or the total volume of deposits at UniCredit Bank is at least CZK 1 million as of the 20th day of the relevant month



Fulfil your wishes? Easy, thanks to our PRESTO Loan with the lowest instalments.

To make all your dreams and wishes come true, we offer our favourable PRESTO Loan, which offers the lowest instalments and can be utilised for anything.

For example, you can have CZK 100,000 for just CZK 1,493 a month.


With a valid voucher when taking out a new contract, you obtain a bonus of CZK 1,500*, which can be used for anything, even for the first instalment.


Complete your list of wishes and finally do something that will make you happy! You can use our favourable PRESTO Loan completely at your own discretion, without having to take anything into account.



  • Instalments set up according to your needs
  • Repayment of the loan (or part thereof) at any time
  • Postponement of instalments allowed up to five times (starting with the tenth monthly payment)


To take out a loan, you will need:

  • ID card and second form of identification
  • Confirmation of income or tax return for the previous calendar year
  • Document verifying your current address, e. g. telephone bill or SIPO payment bill

Representative example: I want to borrow CZK 160,000. The total loan amount of CZK 161,500 includes the fee of CZK 1,500 for provision of the loan. The duration of the loan is 60 months. The interest rate is 6.2% p. a. The amount of the monthly instalment is CZK 3,138. The annual percentage rate (APR) is 6.8% p. a. The total amount due is CZK 188,691.

* A bonus of CZK 1,500 is granted for the General-Purpose PRESTO Loan, PRESTO Loan – Consolidation of Loans, PRESTO Loan – Transfer of Loan lasting for at least 60 months, with insurance on the ability to repay and with an actively used account in UniCredit Bank. The total amount of the loan (including the price of insurance) must exceed the amount of CZK 100,000. The offer is valid until further notice.



Do you have one loan? Use the possibility of transferring your loan to our favourable PRESTO Loan and make your monthly instalments lower.



  • Maintaining the same period of repayment
  • No unnecessary paperwork
  • No fees for provision or keeping of the loan

Good to know:

  • Loans up to CZK 600,000
  • Any paperwork related to repayment of the loan to the existing provider will be handled for you
  • The possibility of postponing instalments up to five times (starting with the tenth monthly payment)

To take out a loan, you will need:

  • ID card and second form of identification
  • Document for the existing loan which the client wants to transfer (a statement for the account from which loan instalments are paid or the loan agreement)



Do you have multiple loans? Use the possibility of consolidating your loans into one, more favourable PRESTO Loan


  • Repayment of only one, lower instalment
  • Money saved
  • Better overview of your finances
  • Any paperwork, including communication with former creditors, will be handled for you

Good to know:

  • Consolidation of loans totalling from CZK 30,000 up to CZK 1,000,000
  • Possibility of setting up repayment up to 7 years
  • No co-applicant needed when applying for up to CZK 300,000
  • Possibility of borrowing more funds owing to the consolidation of loans

To take out a loan, you will need:

  • ID card and second form of identification
  • Documents for existing debts, e.g. statements for the account from which loan instalments are paid, credit card statements or loan agreements


Mortgage Loan

Start making your dreams come true now.

Ask our mortgage experts and take advantage of our very attractive interest rates.


Transfer your mortgage to our bank and save money

  • Now free of charge
  • Acceptance of the original real estate appraisal
  • Extraordinary instalment up to 20% of the principal free of charge
  • Security with insurance on the ability to repay the loan



Save CZK 2,900 on the contractual fee!

  • Up to 100 per cent of the estimated price of the property
  • Favourable 3- and 5-year fixed rates
  • Extraordinary instalment up to 20% of the principal free of charge
  • Security with insurance on the ability to repay


* Upon presenting a voucher, the client may claim a discount of 0.10 % p.a. on the final interest rates; this discount may be granted at least at the lowest interest rate published. The interest rates apply to loans exceeding CZK 1 million.


Representative example:The total loan amount of CZK 1,500,000 includes the one-off insurance fee of CZK 43,690. Loan duration period is 312 months. Interest rate is 1.79 % p. a., fixed interest rate for 5 years. The interest rate is applicable in the case of active credit card utilisation and concluding insurance of the ability to repay the loan. Monthly payment is CZK 6,017. The Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is 2.09 % p. a. APR includes one-off costs for the loan granting of CZK 2,900 and the deposit and deletion of the pledge right in the land registry of CZK 2,000. The total due amount is CZK 1,883,767.52. This offer is for informational purposes only; it does not represent a proposal to execute a contract.


Regular Investments

Think of your future and make regular investments in Pioneer mutual funds

With a valid voucher, you now get a 50% discount on the initial fee.

  • You can start creating a reserve from CZK 500 a month
  • Investment risk is mitigated using regular investments and extensive diversification
  • Possibility of combining with regular savings
  • Investment horizon (from 3 to 40 years)
  • Bond, balanced or equity mutual funds
  • Access to the transparent My Pioneer online application

Do you know that: Pioneer Investment received the prestigious Global Investor of the Year 2015 award?


Investments in Pioneer mutual funds

Get a potential for higher returns than on savings accounts or time deposits.

With a valid voucher, you now get a 50% discount on the initial fee

Why invest with Pioneer Investments?

  • Major worldwide investor managing assets of around EUR 201 billion
  • Unique solutions thanks to its presence in 20 countries in the world
  • More than 85 years of experience in investing
  • Active risk management and provision of attractive returns for investors
  • Holder of many prestigious awards from renowned rating agencies


Bella Vita Variable Life Insurance

Protect yourself or your family


You can rely on Bella Vita insurance in any adverse situation in your life.


Now you can receive a gift with a valid voucher.

PLUS special offer – a guaranteed increase in insurance benefits by 30% per claim over the insurance period*


Benefits of Bella Vita insurance:

  • Security in the event of an accident, illness or serious situations in your life
  • Insurance for your entire family in one policy
  • Ability to adapt the insurance to your current needs at any time


In order to obtain a gift, the following conditions apply:

  • Taking out an insurance policy for at least 15 years with a monthly insurance premium of CZK 25,500
  • The policy must be accepted by the insurance company
  • At least the first insurance premium must be paid


More detailed information regarding gift offers is available at any UniCredit Bank branch or UniCredit Bank Expres points of sale.


*Take out a life insurance policy by 31 July 2017 and get an insurance benefits increase by 30% for select insurance. This special offer is valid for the entire insurance period and applies to all persons covered by the respective insurance policy (up to 8). The special offer of increased insurance benefits applies to: death (accident and illness); invalidity (accident and illness); serious diseases; oncological diseases; permanent disability; care for a disabled child (accident and illness); trauma care. The offer does not apply to benefits paid out in the form of a daily allowance or daily compensation or to insurance of exemption from payment.

Payment terminal

All services in one terminal

A FREE-OF-CHARGE terminal with a valid voucher and a payment card transaction rate below 1%



Recording non-cash as well as cash transactions

  • Dynamic Currency Conversion

Possibility of clearing payments in the card currency

  • Cash Back

Withdrawal of cash when paying by payment card

  • Electronic receipt

Archiving copies of sales receipts for card payments in electronic form

  • Electronic meal-voucher and benefit cards

Supporting Sodexo, Benefit, Cheque Déjeneur and Edenred cards

...and many others.


Contact us at acquiring@unicreditgroup.cz and we will send you a detailed offer.

Write “Be UniCredit” in the email subject field and attach this voucher to the email.


The offer does not apply to existing clients who already have a concluded agreement for the acceptance of cards. A TCP/IP (stationary) or GPRS terminal may be provided free of charge. The rate below 1% applies to the most common types of payment cards and only for TCP/IP terminals. The mentioned services will be provided by the bank upon request. Some of these services are subject to signing special contractual documents or an amendment. The availability or combination of additional services may be limited by the required technical solution.

Private banking

We offer comprehensive banking services for a long-term appraisal of financial assets of our clients.

We offer you:

  • Top-quality personal services, administration of family wealth, provision of services to family members
  • Exclusive products intended only for private banking clients
  • Additional services such as consultancy for investments in arts (Art Banking service), gold or other alternative opportunities
  • Short- and long-term loans

Business Account ACTIVE

We offer an account for entrepreneurs with annual turnover up to CZK 10 million – for new clients free of charge for 12 months and with no further conditions

What can you get for free for 12 months with your Business Account ACTIVE?

  • 2 current accounts
  • 30 domestic electronic payments
  • Free withdrawals from ATMs of UniCredit Group in the Czech Republic and abroad and one free withdrawal from an ATM of another operator in the Czech Republic

Corporate Banking

We are here to help you with your business. For new clients with turnover from CZK 10 million up to CZK 250 million, we offer free maintenance of one account in CZK and one account in foreign currency for 12 months

Advantages for you:

  • Personal consultant for your company
  • Vast offer of products tailored for your needs
  • Advantageous short- and long-term financing
  • Assistance in obtaining financial support from European subsidies
  • Securitisation of exchange-rate, interest and other risks

UniCredit Leasing products

Avail of our preferential offer for a wide scale of UniCredit Leasing products from various car brands, namely both in the form of specific-purpose loan, as well as operative leasing.

The preferential offer is valid for the following brands:

  • Hyundai
  • Kia
  • Renault
  • Opel
  • Volvo

For more details see your voucher which also includes instruction for using the voucher.

Simple conditions to avail of the discount

You can use your vouchers at any branch of UniCredit Bank or follow the instructions on the voucher (for instance, in the case of UniCredit Leasing products). Validity period of the offer is stated on the voucher. The discounts cannot be used in conjunction with other promotional offers, unless stated otherwise.

Vouchers cannot be used by employees of the Bank, UniCredit Leasing, UniCredit Bank Express or Partners of point-of-sale, or by a representative of a third party. Clients of third parties are also excluded from the promotion.


Please be informed of the detailed Terms and Conditions.

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