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U Invest - Secure your future

Owing to our unique programme of regular investing, you can conveniently increase your financial reserves, securing a wealthy future for yourself. U Invest can impeccably increase the value of even a minimum amount owing to the best investment managers in the world. It is worth being ready for the unexpected expenses that life can sometimes bring. At the start, you invest in a more dynamic portfolio depending on the duration of your investment. Every year, the share of stock falls so as to protect your investment from market fluctuation with the approaching end of the selected duration.


  • Simplicity - all you have to do is select the amount and one of three investment horizons (5, 7 or 10 years)
  • Affordability - invest from CZK 500
  • Diversity - offering distribution into various asset classes within many mutual funds
  • Professionalism - leave your worries about your investments to us, including continuous management and automatic reduction of the share of stock
  • Liquidity - have your invested money quickly available

Moreover, you are automatically insured against the risk of incapacity for work caused by injury.



Rytmus regular investing allows making investments of small monthly amounts in a wide range of products from the most conservative up to the dynamic ones. Regular investing has a stronger effect with investments in riskier funds (mainly in stocks). Although the likelihood of decline in these funds is not smaller owing to regular investing, their size is. Therefore, you can think about a more dynamic strategy as a minor investor who is not an investment expert but, nevertheless, an investor who is looking for a reasonable compromise between risk and potential return. You are not waiting for the right moment but you invest on a regular and disciplined basis, regardless of whether the markets are just rising or falling.


  • Depending on the selected currency class, the minimum investment is CZK 500, EUR 25 or USD 25
  • You choose the investment horizon (from 3 to 40 years) that best suits your needs as well as the method of payment of the initial fee
  • You can make regular investments in any Pioneer Investments funds (save for the classes paying out dividends)
  • It is possible to open several programmes at a time and invest in several funds simultaneously
  • To join the RYTMUS regular investment programme, you need to fill in the Pioneer Invest contract
  • Your financial personal banker will be glad to help you join the programme
  • You can change the amount of your regular investment, duration of the programme or interrupt it temporarily, without any penalty fees

Besides the Rytmus programme, we also offer a possibility of regular investing in individual Pioneer Investments funds.


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