Property planning

The future will not take you by surprise.
In investment planning, we take into consideration all your property. We look at its structure and prepare long-term plans. We build family units to enable your closest family members to enjoy the benefits of our private banking as well.
In cooperation with our partners, we can arrange for the establishment of a foundation, trust, or other organisation in order to manage your assets. We also help you address inheritance issues.

Advice on selling and buying companies

Are you considering selling your business?

Are you looking for an investor who will provide you with capital?

Are you considering buying a company?


When can you use our advice?

  • You do not have a natural successor and you are considering selling your business to a new owner or management.
  • You are looking for capital for further growth for your company or a partner who will bring know-how.
  • You want to expand or consolidate the market through acquisitions.
  • You are considering an initial public offering (IPO).


Advice for sellers

  • Helping you prepare the company, identifying its strengths, and advising you on how to treat weaknesses or mitigate the risks arising from them.
  • Finding the right investors.
  • Recommending a favourable strategy and structure for the transaction.
  • Preparing materials for the presentation of your company in order to attract the interest of investors and obtaining attractive offers for you.
  • Ensuring all steps for a smooth due diligence of the company.
  • Assistance in negotiating the detailed terms of the transaction and in the subsequent settlement.


Advice for buyers

  • Identifying suitable acquisition targets and getting in touch with them.
  • Performing a market valuation of the target company and identifying the benefits of the transaction, synergies, and risks.
  • Offering support in obtaining financing for the transaction.
  • Cooperating with a legal advisor to negotiate terms and contractual documentation.
  • Assistance in settling the transaction.


About us

  • We are a team of experts in investment banking with many years of experience and a profound knowledge of the local market.
  • We use the international know-how and contacts of the UniCredit network and work with colleagues in Germany, Austria, Italy, Central and Eastern European countries, the USA, and Asia.
  • We provide independent advice across all sectors; moreover, we have teams of specialists who know the specifics and trends of the industry: engineering and manufacturing; consumer goods, retail and healthcare; energy; telecommunications, IT, and media.
  • The quality of services provided in local transactions is the same as that of services provided in international transactions.


What are trust funds and who are they intended for?

Beginning 1 January 2014, trust funds were introduced by the Civil Code (Act No. 89/2012) in the Czech legal system as a new institute enabling a wide range of asset management solutions for families, entrepreneurs, or donors. Assets may be allocated to a trust fund, for instance, in order to provide for children, transfer assets to the next generation, address the estate, hand over a business to children or other successors, or to pursue donor activities. The institute of the trust fund enables for the allocation of assets from the founder’s ownership and management thereof under very flexible conditions.

UniCredit Bank Czech Republic and Slovakia, a.s., offers Private Banking clients the following services used by trustees in fulfilling the purpose of the fund.


Asset and investment management (planning)

We will create a tailor-made investment portfolio so that it makes an optimal contribution to the accomplishment of the fund’s purpose.

We also offer the opportunity to use our 5 model portfolios designed using the Global Investment Strategy (GIS) applied within UniCredit Bank Group. Assets in the trust fund can also be managed on a long-term basis as part of professional asset management. Asset management is offered in cooperation with the investment company AMUNDI. The portfolio can be modified according to the founder’s or the trustee’s requirements. Regular reporting of portfolio development and profitability is included in the service.

Investment can be one-time, spread over time, or regular. To complement the portfolio due to diversification, it is possible to use investment certificates, private issues in the minimum amount of CZK 1,000,000 or the equivalent in another currency, a share in IPOs of corporate bonds, or the arrangement of separate buy and sell orders on Czech and foreign stock exchanges. We also perform forward transactions or issue premium bills of exchange offering higher interest rates owing to the embedded currency option.


Bank services

  • We offer account management for the individual purposes of the trust fund.
  • Accurate records are kept for tax and accounting purposes.
  • Within the account, we offer the possibility of incoming and outgoing domestic or foreign payments.
  • Possibility of control by the trustee or other persons supervising the activities of the trustee.
  • In the event of ongoing payment, even if the purpose for which the trust fund was established and which is set out in the statute is achieved, and in the event of termination of the trust fund, we are able to make payment or payments from the fund's account based on the trustee’s order.
  • We offer the possibility of depositing funds in savings accounts or term deposits, or using deposit bills.



Through trust funds, it is possible to allocate any of the founder’s property and determine it for use for almost any purpose.

Maximum discretion is part of our philosophy and also one of the main principles of UniCredit Bank Private Banking.

Emphasis is given to sensitive handling of all client data.


Custody and depositary services

UniCredit Bank is one of the largest depositaries in the Czech Republic in terms of the volume of controlled assets of collective investment funds.

Our size and importance in this segment allow us to actively participate in co-creating the market environment for the provision of depositary services.


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