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Private banking products with the best fixed income (Euromoney, 2014)

Term deposits

We are always searching for solutions in the market which would yield adequate gains on the funds you wish to deposit for some period of time despite the low interest rates.

Besides the traditional term deposits and deposit bills, we also develop alternatives adjusted to your individual requirements. Deposits denominated in foreign currencies for a period selected by you are provided as a matter of course.

We are glad to offer you an above-average interest on your deposits by way of special deposit products.

To get these higher interest rates on term deposits, you only have to combine a deposit with a select investment product. In this way, you may maximise the returns on both your short-term deposits and the long-term assets.

A premium bill and a combination of a deposit with an option may bring you high interest yield giving you also the opportunity to participate in the currency market fluctuations.

These solutions are reserved solely to our Private Banking clients.



DUET PLUS PRIVATE BANKING is a special programme combining investing in select securities or one-off life insurance with a favourable revolving term deposit. With Duet Plus, you will get a guaranteed return on your term deposit together with the potential for a higher return owing to the investment part.


Product parameters

What is a revolving term deposit?

  • A revolving term deposit is a deposit which automatically renews itself after the expiry of maturity, with an identical maturity and in an identical amount.


Funds allocation

Term deposit in CZK

  • Contact your private banker to find out the current interest rate for the first roll-over with a 6M maturity.
  • Interest rates of the second and other roll-overs is based on the current market situation.


What to invest in

  • INVESTMENT PART – mutual funds, investment certificates, investment life insurance
  • DEPOSIT – 6M revolving term deposit
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