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Complex and available services.


The foundations of the partnership between you and your Private Banker are built on discretion. Only the workers of Private Banking work with all the information about you and your property, Discreet current accounts are standard here.

Private accounts

UniCredit Bank Private Banking accommodates individual requirements of clients. Absolute confidentiality is the priority number one at all times. Besides standard services not subject to charges, you may also get the access to exclusive payment cards.

Modern mobile services will facilitate your work and communication with the bank, and your Private Banker will take care of everything else. And you are free to enjoy your favourite activities.

Corporate clients

You may also choose to use our services if you are in a business. We offer you the opportunity to open a discreet current account, use a wide range of services, and an individualised care of a Private Banker.


UniCredit Concierge is a unique added value for the UniCredit Private Banking service, provided exclusively to PB konto Infinite service package holders.

The Concierge service is provided via telephone at +420 230 233 330, every day from Monday to Sunday from 8 am until 8 pm, including holidays. Requests outside this period will continue to be received at the same telephone number solely in English.


Leave the searching, selecting, booking, confirming, calling, planning, arranging or comparing of offers to us and deal with more entertaining activities instead.

The service adapts to your specific interests and needs. It does not have to be used only for your personal needs, but can also be used for the needs of your family, friends or business partners.


All recommendations rely on years of experience and knowledge and are not motivated by any financial benefit.
Unlike external agencies, this service does not offer solutions depending on where it gets a commission or where it has a contracted capacity. The only goal is your maximum satisfaction.

No information obtained in communication with you is disclosed to third parties, with the exception of the data that must be provided to suppliers when making reservations and payments.



The service seeks to satisfy clients’ wishes using all available means, and is always willing to try and offer existing alternatives or even create ones that do not yet exist. It will not be discouraged by clients’ changing requirements and is able to search and create non-traditional solutions.



  • Rent a luxury villa on a Greek island with access to a private beach
  • Recommend a luxury restaurant for a corporate meeting for 35 people, including cigar-tasting and world cognac brands
  • Find suitable European cities for celebrating New Year’s Eve
  • Find a train connection between Prague and Ostrava
  • Help choosing and buying Christmas presents
  • Remind a client of his wedding anniversary and send a gift and flowers to his wife
  • Find a running track in Miami
  • Get VIP tickets to a sold-out Queen & Adam Lambert gig or to the World Ice Hockey Championship in Canada
  • Plan a 14-day road trip around Italy and adjacent islands (including the best hotels, restaurants, art galleries, monuments, natural phenomena)
  • Recommend destinations for a “guys’ trip” in Europe
  • Find NBA and NHL matches in New York
  • Book 2 places at the Gong Bar in London
  • Find out when a flower fair takes place in Amsterdam
  • Find the best route to drive from Prague to the north of Italy, including tolls
  • Arrange a 14-day summer sports holiday in British Columbia, Canada, including car rental, a mountain lodge and camping accommodation, bike rental, heli-biking and other outdoor opportunities for an active holiday
  • Assist a client in a traffic accident in Switzerland (assistance service, car towing, hotel reservation, booking tickets for a return flight to Prague as soon as possible)
  • Arrange a private boat ride on the Vltava River (last minute - in one hour) for 4 people
  • Book a hotel in Cape Town and arrange a trip to the Cape of Good Hope
  • Help a client in distress who had a boat accident in the Aegean and found himself without funds or any personal belongings
  • Send gifts over a 3-week period in the form of cakes, flowers, fruit baskets, balloons, etc., with a personal message on specified days and times
  • Plan and arrange an engagement in great style (5-star hotel accommodation, a ride in a new Ferrari Italia 458, lunch at a luxury restaurant, the proposal spelled out on an airplane-drawn banner, secretly taking pictures of the event)
  • Arrange a test flight in an M-15
  • Recommend the best vegan restaurants in the centre of Prague
  • Arrange a private guided tour of the Guggenheim Museum in NY


Should you have any questions or new requests, please call us at the UniCredit Concierge line at +420 230 233 330.


DragonPass is first digital provider, which offers travellers access to more than 1100 VIP airport lounges worldwide


What does DragonPass offer you within the VISA Platinum and Visa Infinite card?

  • Free membership for the whole time.
  • Enjoy the comfort and services of more than 1,100 airport lounges worldwide.
  • Easy activation in the mobile application.
  • Information about lounges and history of visits in the application
  • In addition to the access, you can also treat yourself to extra VIP services – ordering a limo, Meet&Greet service, spa at airports and discounts at airport restaurants.




  • Click on Sign up / Log in
  • Answer question Do you have an existing membership?
  • Click on No, I want to set up a membership.
  • Click on option Sitn up with Visa Card
  • Insert data of your card and submit
  • Insert your email
  • Add other information (name, age, residence, etc.)
  • Verifying code will be sent via email to activate your account
  • Set your password
  • Enjoy your available accesses to airport lounges! (you can check them in “Profile -> My Card and
    will be displaied in right down corner of virtual membership card.



  • Check your airport, which you will use, to ensure if there is airport lounge
  • Before entering to airport lounge present with your virtual membership card
  • If you want to enter, use in the app the “Profile” section and choose “My Card”. There will
    display virtual membership card and QR code, which will enable you to enter the
    airport lounge.

What is the Airport Companion Europe DragonPass app?

The Airport Companion Europe app is the first digital solution of its kind to allow Visa/MasterCard holders to enter airport lounges; the provider is the multinational company DragonPass.

The programme provides access to select airport lounges and retail discounts at merchants at key airports. For more detailed information about your programme and the conditions, please contact UniCredit Bank.


Who can join the programme?

Anyone with a Visa Infinite and Platinum card issued by UniCredit Bank in the Czech Republic or Slovakia can join the programme. If you would like to get more information on the requirements for joining the programme, contact UniCredit Bank.


How do I get to the airport lounge?

Submit your digital membership card at the lounge reception for easy verification. After successful verification, you can start enjoying the lounge. Once you enter the lounge, your visit will be deducted from the number of available visits you have paid for. A card holder with unlimited membership is entitled to unlimited visits of airport lounges.


Do I have to book my visit?

No, you don’t. When you arrive, just show your DragonPass app at the airport lounge reception. Please note that you may need another form of identification to access the lounge, such as a passport, driver's license or boarding pass.


How much does a DragonPass membership cost?

The price depends on the type of product and is stated in the Price List of UniCredit Bank.


How much does an entry to the lounge cost?

One visit costs EUR 26 for Visa cardholders. You can purchase your visit through the Airport Companion Europe app by selecting "My Card" and then clicking "Add Visits”. One visit is valid for one person to enter the lounge. In order to buy, you must be logged in and have enough money on your card.


What is the validity of the purchased entry to the lounge?

Your one-day entry to the lounge is valid for 90 days from the date of purchase.


How many guests can I take with me to the lounge?

There is no maximum limit, but you must make sure that you have purchased one visit for yourself and one for your guest. One visit is valid for one person. Unlimited membership is only valid for Visa Infinite UniCredit Bank cardholders, you must purchase the visits for your guests.


Which lounges can I visit?

All participating lounges can be found directly in the Airport Companion Europe app or at


Who can I contact if needed?

In case of any problems, contact the UniCredit Bank customer line at +420 221 210 031 or the DragonPass help-desk at +44 (0) 161 929 8844 from Monday to Thursday (8: 45 am-5: 15 pm) and Friday (08: 45-4: 30 pm) ). You can contact us by e-mail at All communication of the DragonPass customer service team will be in English.


What programme do I have?

In cooperation with DragonPass, UniCredit Bank offers various programmes for Visa and MasterCard payment cards, depending on the card type. In some cases, this is an optional service. To learn more about the programmes and the conditions, contact UniCredit Bank.


Will I get a physical card?

You will not receive a physical card. Lounges accept your digital card in the app. It is a simple, modern, fast and secure solution. You do not have to wait for the card to be sent or deal with the issue of the card if it is lost or expires, etc.


How do I get to the lounge when I don't use the app (I don't have a smartphone)?

Now it is available to enter to loungy only with displaying your virtual membership


Can I use the lounge immediately after paying for entry?

You have access to the airport lounge using a digital membership card immediately after paying for the entry – as soon as you receive the membership payment receipt.

To avoid disappointment, we recommend that you verify your membership with the card issuer – UniCredit Bank – well in advance.


Can I access the lounge without my membership?

No, you cannot. To enter the lounge, you must submit your digital membership.


I don't have an iOS or Android phone, can I download the app?

Currently, the DragonPass app is only available on Android and iOS devices.


For more information, visit or contact the UniCredit Bank customer line at +420 221 210 031 and DragonPass at +44 161 9298 844 or +86 (20) 3231 1919


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