We offer you individual conditions of loan products and flexible processing of your loan requirements in the area of:

• housing needs

• investment plans (properties for rent and holidays)


A private banker and a private banking loan specialist will provide you with:

• comprehensive support and assistance with the implementation of your credit plan

• flexible and fast processing of your chosen loan product

• offering individual interest rate (possibility of fixed and variable interest rate)



We are ready to provide you with individualised funding tailored to your plans and requirements. Your Private Banker will advise you on the selection of the most suitable loan product based on a thorough analysis of your current situation.


Our mortgages are adjusted to suit the very specific requirements of our private clients as well.

We do know that the interest rate is a decisive factor for you, and therefore we do everything in this area to get as close to your expectations as possible and set interest rates for our most significant clients exclusively on a case-by-case basis.

Flexibility and prepayment options are also available to our private clients in case of a long-term mortgage loan.

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