Events and partners

An extensive network of acquaintances and contacts is a good precondition for a successful development of business. We are aware of this fact and therefore we create opportunities for our clients to meet each other and share their experience. We organise various formal or informal events focused on financial markets as well as on other areas, such as golf, yachting, arts and others.

UniCredit Bank Private Banking investment conferences are well known in the Czech and Slovak market owing to their content and prestigious participants. Our internationally recognized guests are the elite in the field and share their knowledge and insights from the market exclusively with the clients of UniCredit Private Banking.

The content of individual conferences is always adapted to the actual market development to make sure that our clients are informed of the most important events affecting the financial world.

Top quality and comprehensive information is the priority number one for our clients and for us.


We are proud of the works of Slovak artists, and therefore we also present them to the demanding clients of our Private Banking. Besides long-term selling art exhibitions, we also organise personal meetings with the authors, visits to their studios, and other events connected with art. As regards the fine arts, we are the only bank which employs an expert who is ready to talk to our clients about their requirements in this area and help them select a suitable piece of work or put together a whole collection.

"Art shouldn´t be talked about, it needs to be seen." (Baruch)

When Czechoslovakia disintegrated in 1993, the Czechoslovak koruna disappeared as well. In turn, it was replaced by the Czech koruna and the Česká mincovna was established at the same time. Today, the joint-stock company based in Jablonec nad Nisou, North Bohemia, is the exclusive supplier of circulation and commemorative coins for the needs of the Czech National Bank. In addition to Czech coins, the Česká mincovna also makes a number of its own commemorative, investment, gift, and corporate products made of precious metals. Traditional methods developed by Česká mincovna masters and engravers for centuries, as well as modern world-class technologies are applied in the manufacture of these products.



  • UniCredit Private Banking cooperates with the Česká mincovna in arranging the purchase of investment gold and silver.
  • Striking limited editions of coins for UniCredit Private Banking clients.
  • Selling heavy-weight gold medals and gold bars.

The Česká mincovna is based in Jablonec nad Nisou. Its establishment carried on the long tradition of coinage in Bohemia, Moravia, and Silesia. Throughout its existence, it has been the exclusive supplier of circulation and commemorative coins for the needs of the Czech National Bank. It is thus the only domestic mint authorised to mint coins for the central bank.


Benefits of investing in gold

  • The ever-increasing price of gold guarantees that the value of the investment will be preserved in the long run (gold cannot be produced and world gold reserves are limited).
  • Gold is not subject to inflation.
  • Exempt from VAT according to Section 92 of the Value Added Tax Act.
  • In the event of a collapse of the monetary system (such as in Greece in 2015), gold still preserves its value.
  • Enabling diversification of the investment portfolio.
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