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Structured products

Financial market is considered to be one of the most innovative areas in the world. Year after year, we encounter new types of products and securities in the market forming various structures.

Structured products have their place in the portfolios of our clients, because they can bring yield even at the times of stagnating markets.

Throughout the year, we try to bring various issues of products in order to cover all market phases and accommodate the diverse requirements of our clients.

Individual issues are created under UniCredit Czech Republic and Slovakia as well as in cooperation with HVB Munich, a global top of the line in the area of investment certificates. We are the only bank in the Czech Republic and Slovakia that is ready to make our own issue of a certificate in this area.

Owing to UniCredit’s unique premium service – my.onemarkets – you can create your own individual structured investment product together with your private banker!

In a matter of minutes, you can have an investment product tailored exactly to your requirements.


The exceptional my.onemarkets service is:

  • individual: investment solutions tailored to your individual requirements and investment plans – investments starting from CZK 1,000,000, EUR 50,000 or USD 50,000
  • prompt: Your own investment product created and marketable on the same day
  • adaptable: there are corresponding product types for different market conditions. You can choose different underlying assets from the offer – a stock index or individual shares (a wide range from different areas and industries)
  • flexible: available liquidity within secondary trading (this is an over-the-counter market)
  • transparent: up-to-date product information available on a dedicated website at

Are you interested? Make an appointment with your private banker at UniCredit and start creating your own investment products.


Tom Coufal, Head of Private Investor Products CEE, UniCredit Bank AG

Owing to a wide range of product types, you may take advantage of different strategies.


Make an appointment with your private banker.

Product configuration tailored to your needs and risk tolerance.

Done! Your individual product with its own ISIN is issued and becomes part of your investment portfolio.


Overview of Structured Investment Products

Risk tolerance

Product type



Stock Reverse Convertible (Protect)
Index Reverse Convertible (Protect)
Express (Plus) Certificates


Bonus Certificates


Contact your private banker for more informations.

This is for information only; it is not intended to constitute a prospectus or statute, personal investment advice or recommendation reflecting the investor’s individual situation.

Investing in investment instruments involves the risk of fluctuations in the current value of the amount invested and in the return on such amount. The return of the amount originally invested is not guaranteed. Past returns are not a guarantee of returns in the future. Expected performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. Potential taxation depends on the investor’s personal situation and is subject to change.

Detailed information concerning the rule for the provision of investment services by the bank, including the basic description of compliance with regulatory rules and principles of protection of investment banking clients is available in the Investment Services document at UniCredit Bank Czech Republic and Slovakia. Basic information on the risks associated with investment services is available in the Investment Services document at UniCredit Bank Czech Republic and Slovakia. Basic information on incentives as a potential conflict of interest is available in the Conflict of Interest Policy document. The archive of this information is available in MiFID – Archive of Documents. Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact your point of contact in UniCredit Bank.

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