BusinessNet is an Internet banking service which is designed to accommodate corporate clients with even the most demanding requirements. Corporate accounts can be accessed through BusinessNet with Internet access, an Internet browser, and a computer, independent mobile or fixed security token.

Advantages of BusinessNet

  • Access possible from any place, without the need have a fixed software installation
  • Possibility of unlimited cooperation and data sharing among users regardless of their geographical location (e.g., inspection, correction, payment signing)
  • On-line information on connected accounts
  • Possibility of managing your accounts maintained at other UniCredit banks abroad in a single application through a single user number and security token (the current list of banks supporting this service is available here, in the section Documents for download)


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Online banking

Online Banking is a modern, secure and effective means of financial management via the internet – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Security is ensured by state-of-the-art technology proven across the entire UniCredit Bank Group.

Do you cherish your free time? Use our Online Banking internet banking application.

Online Banking offers you the following:

  • overview and history of accounts, debit and credit cards, and securities
  • account statements and other documents in PDF format
  • wide range of functions for domestic and foreign payment operations with the possibility of saving templates for repeated payments
  • establishing, changing and cancelling standing orders and term deposits
  • setting up credit card payments
  • topping up prepaid mobile SIM cards
  • arranging sending of SMS and email reports, e.g. on balances
  • online applications for other banking products such as mortgages and consumer loans mortgages and consumer loans

A condition for providing internet banking is having a current account at our bank. Choose from our broad offer of account packages and obtain Online Banking free of charge.


Smart Banking

Manage your accounts from your mobile phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year long.
Download the application free of charge and login in easily by just using your fingerprint, for instance.



Latest Smart Banking actualization brings new useful functions which will make managing your finances even easier. The app newly enables you to manage your standing orders, repay your credit card within few seconds or activate your debit card without unnecessary delays.

Take a look in the Application Wizard and find out what functions Smart Banking can offer.

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Transparent management of your accounts

  • Manage all your accounts and respective payment cards on one screen.
  • By using the Fast Check feature, check your account balance without having to log in.
  • Get a detailed overview of the transactions on your accounts and payment cards.

Fast and convenient payments

  • Sign your payments up to 5000 CZK by using your fingerprint or Face ID.
  • Pay by scanning the QR code, barcode or paymnet slips.
  • Create your own payment templates and make payments in less time.
  • Make conversions between your accounts in different currencies.
  • Repeat a payment from your transaction history on your account
  • Settle your credit card debt in a few seconds
  • Manage your standing orders in an easy way  

Other convenient functions

  • Top up your mobile phone with just a few clicks.
  • Activate your debit card without unnecessary delay.
  • Find the nearest ATM or branch of UniCredit Bank.
  • Get instant information about the current currency rates.

More information

Business Line

Business Line – UniCredit Bank’s telephone banking system – is a direct banking product intended for entrepreneurial and company clients who want to simply and securely manage their finances by telephone. Clients can use this product as a convenient complement to internet banking.

Advantages of Business Line

  • simple, flexible and secure access to your account from anywhere - simply call the bank’s client line from your landline or mobile phone and have your security token ready for secure identification (entry) and “signing” of active transactions,
  • a wide range of banking services that you can manage by telephone (e.g. debit and credit cards, securities, domestic and foreign payment transactions, managing extra cash, etc.
  • lower-cost and more effective management of finances
    • savings on fees – substantial price advantage for transactions executed through direct banking compared with transactions made at a branch
    • time savings – no need to make personal visits to the bank or wait in line at a cash desk…
  • the highest level of security defined as a group security standard i.e. based on the knowledge and experience of international security experts from UniCredit Group, who are constantly monitoring and analysing the latest trends in this field (see Product security)
  • integration with other direct banking products
    • Business line uses the same security method as internet banking (Online Banking, BusinessNet) and has the same range of services and functions
    • uniform identification during calls to the bank, i.e. you can use your security token as your identification when calling the client line for all other products that you use in the bank (e.g. accounts, cards, and the like.)



Eltrans 2000 is a multi-banking application developed by Czech company BSC Praha, spol. s.r.o.
There are six banks using this product in the Czech Republic.

When to use Eltrans 2000 (Gemini 5.0)

  • If you process a large number of payment orders daily.
  • If you work with a large number of accounts.
  • If you want to control accounts of several companies within a single application.
  • If you also want to control accounts maintained at other Czech banks within a single application.



MultiCash is a multi-banking application used by 15 banks in the Czech Republic. It is provided in versions adapted to the banking standards of most European and many other countries. It is produced by the German company Omikron Systemhaus GmbH.

When to use MultiCash

  • If you prefer electronic banking in your own secured environment.
  • If you want to have all data stored on your PC network.
  • If you process a large number of payment orders daily.
  • If you want to control accounts of several companies within a single application.
  • If you also want to control accounts maintained at other Czech banks within a single application.
  • If you also want to control accounts maintained at foreign banks within a single application.
  • If you want to receive statements for accounts maintained at other banks.


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