UniCredit Bank Bonds

It you are looking for a conservative way to appreciate your funds, you can use investments in bonds issued by UniCredit Bank Czech Republic and Slovakia. Thanks to a wide range of maturities, you can choose the best product for you. Our offer includes bonds in Czech korunas, US dollars and euros. If you choose any of the bonds issued by UniCredit Bank and meet the maturity, you will know in advance what yield this investment will bring for you. If necessary, you can sell the bond at the current price according to the foreign exchange list.


Main parameters:

  • Security of your funds
  • Money is usually available within 5 days
  • The yield is known in advance if the maturity is observed


Trading in Capital Markets

Would you like to trade in shares or other exchange-traded instruments? Our bank is able to arrange trading on the Prague Stock Exchange and on major world stock markets and with all the instruments traded on these stock exchanges. Thus you get an access to a very wide range of interesting investment instruments. You can trade on the stock exchanges by giving instructions at UniCredit Bank branches or by telephone via a specialised department in the UniCredit Bank Head Office.


Main parameters:

  • Access to securities traded on major world stock exchanges
  • Possibility to give instructions from the comfort of your home
  • Liquidity within 3 business days


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