I want to borrow money

For this, I need to borrow CZK to buy something special.
I will be able to repay my loan back in months.
For the new loan I insurance to protect my loan payments in case of and getting a U Konto for free.

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      Why take out a PRESTO Loan

      • The possibility of postponing instalments up to five times (starting with the tenth monthly payment)
      • The possibility of repaying the entire loan or a part thereof early
      • Insurance against the inability to pay with the choice of insured risk
      • A single visit to the bank is enough to get a loan
      • Direct drawdown to your account immediately upon signing the contract

      More information

      Representative example for a PRESTO Loan:

      I wish to borrow CZK 200,000. The total loan amount of CZK 201,500 includes the fee CZK 1,500. Loan period is 84 months. Interest rate 5.6% p. a. Monthly instalment CZK 2,906. Annual percentage rate of charge (APR) 5.99% p. a. Total amount due CZK 244,598.

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