Everyone can save money with an interest rate of only 3.89 % p.a.

  • Favourable interest rate

  • No unnecessary paperwork

  • Flexible repayment: choose the date of your payment or postpone it

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How to take out a PRESTO Loan?

We will call you

Over the phone, we will arrange a meeting with you at our nearest branch.

You will come to the branch, bringing the required documents

You will need your ID card, proof of income or account statements, or your tax return for the previous calendar year.

We will prepare the PRESTO Loan Application with you

If your application is approved, we will prepare the loan in accordance with your own needs; sign the PRESTO Loan Contract and send the money to your account.

You might want to know

Important information related to taking out a PRESTO Loan

Reward for due repayment

Everyone can save money with an interest rate of only 3.89 % p. a. for due repayment

Subject to conditions, you will receive a reward for due repayment. Due repayment of loan delivers attractive saving.

repayment period subject to due repayment
60    72    84   
repayment period without due repayment 76    96    120   

úrok jen 3,89% p.a.

What to do to get a reward?

  • Take out a PRESTO Loan - Loan Transfer with repayment periods of 60, 72 or 84 months and repay the loan in a due manner
  • Don’t repay the entire loan or part thereof early


It is easy to fulfil the conditions for getting the reward


To get the reward, the following conditions must be complied with:

  • Regular repayment of loan with no early repayment
  • No payment default for more than 29 days
  • Payment default of 6-29 days no more than 3 times (i.e. also in the case of a 5-day default of every instalment, the reward will be yours)


MOREOVER,  we will immediately contact you via SMS, phone and later by mail in order to allow you to react in a timely manner, pay the instalment and get the reward!

Loan Parameters
  • Loan amount from CZK 20,000 up to CZK 1,000,000 (a co-applicant may be required for loans exceeding CZK 300,000)
  • Attractive interest rate of 3.89 % p. a. for due repayment really for EVERYONE
  • Optional repayment period of 12 to 120 months
Why take out a PRESTO Loan and who is the product intended for?
  • Reward for due repayment
  • You can choose the date and amount of your payment
  • Any paperwork, including communication with former creditors, will be handled for you
  • The possibility of postponing instalments up to five times (starting with the tenth monthly payment)
  • Insurance against the inability to pay with a choice of insured risk
  • One single visit to the bank is all you need to do to take out the loan
  • Drawdown directly to your account immediately upon signing the contract
Who is the product intended for?

If you are over 18, residing and receiving income in the CR, not in a probationary or notice period, with telephone contact details, then nothing stands in your way to apply for a loan.

Insurance of the Ability to Repay

Do you know how you would repay your PRESTO Loan if you fall ill or lose your job? Insurance against the inability to pay offers a solution. The insurance policy applies to death, 3rd degree disability, incapacity for work, involuntary loss of job or hospitalisation.


What do you get?

  • A lower price compared to individual life insurance
  • The possibility of also covering the loss of your job


Product parameters

  • Insurance against the inability to pay protects you in the event of some unpleasant life situations, for instance in the case of loss of regular income, which means the inability to pay liabilities arising from the PRESTO Loan Contract
  •  Only for new loans


Who is the product intended for?

For all applicants for the PRESTO Loan who comply with the following conditions:

  • Aged under 60
  • Healthy
  • Not on old-age or disability pension
  • Not in regular medical care or under regular medical surveillance due to a chronic condition with the permanent use of medication (not suffering from diabetes but only, for instance, allergies)
  •  Not incapable of work

In the case of risk of involuntary loss of job, clients must comply with the following extra conditions:

  • Employed for an indefinite period of time
  • Employed continuously in the last 12 months and not in a probationary period
  • Not quitting the job and not being made redundant, not cancelling employment with the employer immediately, not receiving from the employer or sending to the employer a proposal for termination of employment by agreement
  • Insurance of new loans only

What are the benefits for clients?

  • Protecting clients and their family
  • The possibility of insurance against losing your job
  • No medical examinations
  • Prompt and simple handling - all you have to do is agree with the Framework Insurance Policy and the General Insurance Terms and Conditions

Product parameters

Choose from the following packages:

  • Insurance in the case of death, 3rd degree disability, and incapacity for work
  • Insurance in the case of death, 3rd degree disability, and loss of job
  • Insurance in the case of death, 3rd degree disability, and hospitalisation

What documents need to be presented?

  • ID card
  • Documents concerning your existing liabilities to be transferred (e.g. statements of the account from which loans are paid, credit card statements, loan agreements)
Guide to PRESTO Loan

If you want to take your time and read the parameters of our loan, print it out.

Guide to PRESTO Loan
Consequences of failure to comply with obligations

Should you fail to repay any debt arising from a contract by its due date, you are obliged to pay the Bank default interest on such overdue debt in an amount as per Government Decree No. 351/2013 as amended throughout the period of default, besides the interest agreed upon in the contract. The default interest is currently at 8,25 % p. a. (per year). This default interest rate is considered to be the maximum interest rate possible. You are aware of the fact that failure to pay a due debt under contract is a serious violation of the contract and, in such a case, the Bank is entitled to withdraw from the contract ex nunc and to determine the entire loan immediately due and payable or, as the case may be, without withdrawing from the loan contract, to declare all or any outstanding sums immediately due and payable.

Before declaring the loan due, the Bank shall call upon the consumer to pay the outstanding sum and grant a 30-day deadline to the consumer to comply.

The costs associated with the recovery of the outstanding sum are specified in the Price List.

Are you considering repaying your loan early?

You have the right to early repayment of the consumer credit at any time, either in whole or in part. You are obliged to inform the Bank in writing of your intention to repay the loan in whole or in part not later than 5 days prior to the date of the Early Payment.
The loan can be repaid early completely free of charge within indemnification from insurance intended to secure the loan repayment.
The Bank shall be entitled to efficiently incurred costs, incurred by the Bank in relation to the early repayment.
The amount of reimbursement of the costs may not exceed 1 % of the early repaid sum of the total consumer credit amount, provided the period between the early repayment and the agreed end of the consumer credit exceeds 1 year. Unless this period exceeds one year, the amount of reimbursement of the costs may not exceed 0.5 % of the early repaid sum of the total consumer credit amount.
If you decide to repay your loan early, you are not entitled to the Reward for Due Repayment.

FAQ and Useful Documents

What fees will I pay?

So as to avoid increasing the price of the loan and translating it into interest rates, we have kept only the initial fee of CZK 1,500 for arranging the loan.

Do I need a co-applicant?

We may require a co-applicant for loans exceeding CZK 300,000. In the event of joint property of spouses, a signature of declaration on word of honour by the other spouse is always required, unless he/she is already a co-applicant for the relevant loan.

Why should I take out insurance against the inability to pay?

Insurance protects you in the event of unexpected life situations, such as long-term hospitalisation, loss of job, etc.

How can I ask for postponement of instalment payment?

All you have to do is visit the bank and sign an application for postponement of instalment payment. You must do so not later than as of the last calendar day of the month in order to postpone the instalment payment the following month. The instalment payment is postponed including interest. You can ask for postponement of the instalment payment not earlier than after 10 months of due repayment. You can postpone your instalment payment up to 5 times during the repayment period free of charge.

Useful documents

Representative example:

I want to borrow CZK 250,000 • The total loan amount of CZK 251,500 includes a CZK 1,500 commitment fee • Duration of loan: 96 months (subject to non-compliance with the due repayment conditions) • Interest rate: 10.78 % p.a. • Monthly instalment: CZK 3,921 • Annual percentage rate (APR): 11.50 % (subject to non-compliance with the due repayment conditions) • Total amount due: CZK 379,041.


Subject to due repayment, the reward will be provided in the form of early payment by the bank and the repayment period will only be 72 months, with a 3.89 % p.a. interest rate, 4.52 % APR and the total amount due by the consumer will be CZK 282,312. The amount of the monthly instalment does not change. More detailed conditions concerning the reward are available in the loan agreement.


Reward for due loan repayment only applies to PRESTO Loans – Loan Transfer and PRESTO Loans for Anything for any loan amount, with 76, 96 or 120 month repayment periods (early payment by the bank after 60, 72 or 84 months), subject to due repayment by the client and early repayment of neither part nor the whole of the loan.


This offer is for information purposes only; it does not constitute a proposal for conclusion of a contract.


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