I want to take out a mortgage for CZK to purchase housing .
The value of the property is around CZK . The number of people in our household is .
The net monthly income of the household is CZK .
The maximum credit limit on the credit card and bank overdrafts is CZK .
Regular loan instalments of the whole household amount to CZK /month and other regular expenses are CZK /month.
I would like to know the amount of monthly instalments in the event of a -year maturity.

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Why take out a mortgage?

  • Now free of charge
  • We will extend a loan to you of up to 90 per cent of the estimated price of the property
  • Instalments may be broken down to as much as 30 years
  • Rates starting from 2.39% p. a. on housing mortgages for 3 years fixation

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Representative example for Mortgage:
The total loan amount is CZK 1,500,000. Loan duration period is 312 months. Interest rate is 2.59 % p. a., fixed interest rate for 5 years. Monthly payment is CZK 6,612. The Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is 2.65 % p. a. APR includes one-off costs for the loan granting of CZK 2,900 and the deposit and deletion of the pledge right in the land registry of CZK 2,000. The total due amount is CZK 2,067,769.

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