Residential mortgage


Why pay rent instead of owning your own home?

  • We can lend to you up to 90% of the estimated value of the property

  • Your instalments can be scheduled over a period of up to 30 years

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Residential mortgage

Why pay rent instead of owning your own home? Invest in a home of your own and we will help you set up a repayment schedule to avoid placing excessive burden on yourself.

Our Special-Purpose Mortgage Loan ranked first in the Mortgage Loans category.


Why get a Mortgage Loan?

  • We can lend you up to 90% of the estimated value of the property
  • You can spread the instalments over a period of up to 30 years
  • Interest rates on residential mortgage loans may be as low as 3.99% p.a. 
  • We cooperate with a number of development companies

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  • No upper limit has been defined; we can lend you up to 90% of the estimated value of the property.

How to secure a mortgage loan?

  • Your mortgage loan can be secured by the purchased property or by another residential property located in the territory of the Czech Republic.
  • If you are buying a co-operative apartment, the mortgage loan must be secured by a privately owned property.

Which type of interest rate should you choose?

  • Fixed interest rate – You can choose the length of the fixation period from between 1 to 10 years. During the fixation period, the interest rate and instalment amount will remain unchanged irrespective of existing economic circumstances.

How will your mortgage loan be drawn?

  • You can draw down the mortgage loan within 12 months of signing the loan contract.

How will the mortgage loan be repaid?

  • The mortgage loan can be repaid over a period of up to 30 years.
  • During the drawdown period, you will only pay interest on the funds drawn on the loan and the regular annuity payments will start the month following the drawdown of the full amount of the mortgage loan.

What else can you choose?

  • Besides money for payment of the purchase price, you can obtain additional money for an unspecified purpose.

A foreign-currency mortgage loan means a loan where at least one of the applicants either receives an income in a foreign currency or resides outside the Czech Republic. The foreign-currency mortgage loan is offered in CZK. If CZK strengthens so that the Bank’s FCY middle exchange rate of CZK to the currency of your income or the currency of your place of residence changes by at least 20% compared to the Bank’s FCY middle exchange rate as of the loan contract signing date, you will be entitled to early repayment of the loan without any request to compensate the Bank for reasonable costs incurred in consequence of the early repayment.  

When can you repay your loan?

You can repay your loan early, fully or partially, at any time over the duration of the contract. However, you are required to file an early repayment application either in writing or in person to the Bank’s branch at least 10 working days before the date of intended early payment.


Which charges might you have to pay?


A) Pursuant to the Consumer Credit Act, in case of early repayment of loans agreed upon or refixed after 1 December 2016, we have the right to require compensation of reasonable costs incurred in relation to the early repayment.

When signing the loan contract with you, we assume that repayment of the mortgage loan will be spread over the entire duration of the contract or at least over the interest rate fixation period, reflected in the credit terms offered by us, including the interest rate.

If you wish to repay your mortgage loan early and terminate the loan contract, we will incur additional costs not envisaged upon signing the contract:

  1. Administrative costs
    We need to prepare and process the early repayment documents, which is not part of normal loan management activities. The administrative costs of such processes are presently estimated at CZK 1,500.
  2. Financial costs
    Your mortgage loan bears a fixed interest rate which remains constant over your fixation period. Every mortgage loan is financed from funds earned on the financial market for a period similar to your fixation period. The costs incurred in earning the funds are covered from interest charged on your mortgage loan.
    If you pay off your mortgage loan early, you stop paying interest. However, we are liable to further pay the cost of the funds raised to finance your mortgage loan, until the end of your taxation period. On the other hand, the money received from your early repayment can be further lent out as a new mortgage loan at the mortgage loan interest rate existing at the time of your early repayment.
    Interest rates vary over time. It may happen that your contractual interest rate is higher than the current mortgage loan interest rate, and thus we will be unable to lend out the early repaid principal of your mortgage loan under similar or better terms.
    In such case, early repayment of your mortgage loan results in financial costs incurred by us which can be simply described as follows:
    Financial costs = amount of your early repayment × (difference between your interest rate and the current mortgage loan interest rate for the remaining part of the fixation period) × time remaining until the end of your fixation. 
    Of course, we do not require payment of interest on the mortgage loan as if it had not been repaid early; we only ask that the financial costs incurred by us in consequence of the early repayment (i.e., the costs which, irrespective of your early repayment, we will have to pay for the money raised by us to grant you the mortgage loan) be covered.     
    If your interest rate is lower than the current mortgage loan interest rates, no additional financial costs are incurred and, in such case, we will not charge any costs.
    The current interest rate for compensation of financial costs will be determined as the amount of the standard fixed interest rate charged on mortgage loans with a fixation period equal to the period from your early repayment to the end of your fixation.
    If we do not offer a fixed interest rate for exactly that period, we will use the interest rate applicable to the closest shorter time for which a fixed interest rate is offered (e.g., if the period is 3.5 years, we will use the interest rate offered for 3-year periods). If the period is shorter than 1 year, we will use the 1-year interest rate. 


B) If loans agreed upon before 1 December 2016 and not refixed after that date are paid off early, we are entitled to receive a compensation fee under the existing scale of fees or to compensation of costs agreed in the loan contract.        

Your banker will inform you of the exact amount to be charged under the above-described circumstances.


How to reduce the amount charged as compensation for financial costs?

The amount charged as compensation for incurred financial costs depends on:

  • The amount that you wish to pay off early,
  • The time remaining until the end of your fixation period,
  • The difference between the Bank’s current interest rate charged on mortgage loans and your interest rate.

The best way to fully avoid compensation for financial costs is to observe the initially agreed fixation period. If you pay off your loan early at the end of its current fixation period, the early repayment will be free of charge.


A) We do not charge any amount as compensation for incurred costs if the early repayment is made:

  • from benefits paid under the insurance policy covering repayment of the loan,
  • in a period for which no fixed interest rate has been agreed (i.e., a variable rate is applied rather that a fixed rate)
  • within 3 months of announcement by the Bank of a new interest rate (i.e., upon refixation and during 3 months before the refixation date)
  • in consequence of the death, long-term illness or disability of the client, the client’s spouse, or the client’s registered partner, provided that such event results in substantial impairment of the ability to repay the mortgage loan,
  • within 1 month before the anniversary of signing the mortgage loan contract, and maximum 25% of the funds drawn on the loan.

If, as at the early repayment date, the mortgage loan contract has existed longer than 24 months and the loan is paid off early in relation to the sale of the property pledged to secure the loan or the property financed by the loan, the amount of early repayment charges must not exceed 1% of the early repayment, however, the maximum amount that may be charged is CZK 50,000.


B) We do not charge any compensation fee for early repayment if the early repayment is made:

  • in a period for which no fixed interest rate has been agreed (i.e., the rate has not been fixed)
  • within 1 month before the end of the current fixation period.
Illustrative example

Contract signing date: 10 October 2019

Original loan amount: CZK 2,709,000

Interest rate: 2.82% p.a.

End of fixed-rate period: 20 May 2030

Date of premature loan pay-off: 30 July 2021

Prepayment amount: CZK 2,500,000

Your loan was to bear an interest rate of 2.82% p.a. until the end of its fixed-rate period (until 20 May 2030). We would have earned a total of CZK 556,047.83 in interest if your mortgage had been duly repaid according to the agreed repayment schedule.

If you prepay CZK 2,500,000 of your loan by 30 July 2021, we will be able to lend this amount out as another mortgage until the end of your original fixed-rate period (until 20 May 2030, i.e., for approximately 8 years) at an interest rate of only 2.69% p.a. (this is the rate we usually and demonstrably offer for mortgages with a fixed-rate period of 7 years at the time of processing your prepayment request). Over such a period of time, we could earn a total of CZK 530,429.43 in interest.

The amount of CZK 25,618.40 is then the difference between the interest we would have earned on your mortgage if you had repaid it over the whole of your fixed-rate period and the interest we could earn by re-lending your prepaid amount until the end of your fixed-rate period.

This amount is therefore our financial cost, which we are entitled to claim under the Consumer Credit Act.

If we take into account the time value of money (which, simply put, means that an amount received now is worth more than the same amount received later in the future), then the difference is CZK 23,778.12.

If you fail to pay any contractually agreed debt by the due date, then, besides the interest agreed in the contract, you will also be liable to pay to the Bank default interest on the overdue amount, over the entire period of default, in accordance with Czech Government Regulation No. 351/2013 Coll. as amended, in an amount currently set at 8.5% p.a. (per annum).

This default interest rate is regarded as the maximum allowed. You are hereby notified that failure to pay the debt due under the existing contract is a serious infringement of the contract and that in such case, the Bank is authorized to either withdraw from the contract (with effects of exercising the right of withdrawal for the future), and to require immediate repayment of the loan in full, or, without withdrawing from the loan contract, declare all or certain owed amounts as immediately due and payable.

Before declaring the loan immediately due and payable, the Bank shall address the client with a request to pay the overdue amount within a 30-day period.

For charges related to collections of owed amounts, see the Price List.

Property insurance
We will protect your house or apartment from a number of risks, such as fire, flood, explosion, theft, vandalism, etc.

Home insurance
We will protect your household from a number of risks, such as fire, flood, explosion, theft, vandalism, etc.

Liability insurance
Did you flood out the neighbours? Did your child break a window with a football? Did you knock over a vase in a shop? No need to worry, we will compensate the loss for you.

Ability to Pay Insurance
Upon unexpected loss of income, you will remain able to pay your monthly instalments.

Important documents are available for downloading here.


Illustrative example:

The total loan amount is CZK 2,000,000. The duration of the loan is 300 months. The interest rate of 4.19% p.a. is fixed for 10 years. The monthly instalment amount is CZK 10,768. The Annual Percentage Rate of Charge (APRC) is 4.30%. The RPSN includes one-off credit costs (CZK 2,900), registration and erasure of the lien with the Land Registry (CZK 4,000) and signature authentication (CZK 30). The total amount due is then CZK 3,233,861.72

This example is provided for informational purposes only and shall not be understood as a proposal for signing a loan contract.

Information regarding the interest rate: 
The interest rate of 3.99 % is valid for 10-year fixations and for loans granted in the amount of a maximum of 80% of the value of the provided security.

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