I want to take out a mortgage for CZK to purchase housing .
The value of the property is around CZK . The number of people in our household is .
The net monthly income of the household is CZK .
The maximum credit limit on the credit card and bank overdrafts is CZK .
Regular loan instalments of the whole household amount to CZK /month and other regular expenses are CZK /month.
I would like to know the amount of monthly instalments in the event of a -year maturity.

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Mortgage to Buy Property

Why pay rent and still own nothing? Buy your own property and we will help you fix your instalments so that they are not an unnecessary burden for you.

Why take out a mortgage?

  • We will extend a loan to you of up to 90 per cent of the estimated price of the property
  • Instalments may be broken down to as much as 30 years
  • Rates starting from 2.19% p. a. on housing mortgages for 10 years fixation

Important documents for download

  • No maximum limit, we will extend a loan to you of up to 100 per cent of the estimated price of the property

How will I secure the mortgage?

  • You can secure your mortgage with the property you are to purchase or with another property in the Czech Republic;
  • If you are buying a cooperative flat, you have to secure your mortgage with property in personal ownership

How will I draw down the mortgage?

  • You can draw down your mortgage within 12 months from the signature of the loan agreement

How will I repay the mortgage?

  • You can repay your mortgage over as many as 30 years
  • During the drawdown period, you pay only the interest on the amount drawn and start repaying regular annuity instalments in the month following the drawdown of the mortgage

What else can you choose?

  • The possibility of making an extraordinary repayment of 20% of the principal completely free of charge or take out the FLEXI service with the possibility of making an extraordinary repayment of up to 100% of the loan
  • Besides money to pay the purchase price, get extra money for whatever with the TWIN Mortgage

Should you fail to repay any debt arising from a contract by its due date, you are obliged to pay the Bank default interest on such overdue debt in an amount as per Government Decree No. 351/2013 as amended throughout the period of default, besides the interest agreed upon in the contract currently at 8,25% p.a. (a year). This default interest rate is considered to be the maximum interest rate possible.

You are aware of the fact that failure to pay a due debt under contract is a serious violation of the contract and, in such a case, the Bank is entitled to withdraw from the contract ex nunc and to determine the entire loan immediately due and payable or, as the case may be, without withdrawing from the loan contract, to declare all or any outstanding sums immediately due and payable.Before declaring the loan due, the Bank shall call upon the consumer to pay the outstanding sum and grant a 30-day deadline to the consumer to comply.

The costs associated with the recovery of the outstanding sum are specified in the Price List.

Insurance against the inability to pay
In the event of an unexpected loss of income, you will be able to pay your monthly instalments.

U Konto Account
Have CZK 12,000 sent to your account and you can have it for free. Moreover, we will cut the interest rate on your mortgage by 0.4% p.a.

Representative example for Mortgage:

The total loan amount is CZK 2,000,000. Loan duration period is 300 months. Interest rate is 2,19 % p. a., fixed interest rate for 5 years. Monthly payment is CZK 8,664. The Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is 2,24 % p. a. APR includes one-off costs for the loan granting of CZK 2,900 and the deposit and deletion of the pledge right in the land registry of CZK 4,000 and signature verification CZK 30. The total due amount is CZK 2,607,434.

This offer is for informational purposes only; it does not represent a proposal to execute a contract.


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