U Konto TANDEM get 100 CZK a month

Guaranteed conditions
Benefits included in the price

In order to get all the benefits, all you have to do is send a total of CZK 12,000 to one or both accounts. The proportion of this amount between the accounts depends only on you.

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  • Current Account

    keeping of the current account in CZK and another account in a foreign currency free of charge

      0 / on a monthly basis

  • ATM withdrawals

    withdrawals from all ATMs of all providers worldwide

      0 / at any time

  • Smart Banking

    convenient control of your account via your mobile phone

      0 / on a monthly basis

  • Online Banking

    finance management from anywhere in the world

      0 / on a monthly basis

  • Bank Overdraft

    provision, administration and keeping of authorised overdraft on your account

      0 / on a monthly basis

  • Payment Card

    contactless embossed payment card

      0 / on a monthly basis

U Konto TANDEM get 100 CZK a month    

  • Current Account -  

  • ATM withdrawals -  

  • Smart Banking -  

  • Online Banking -  

  • Bank Overdraft -  

  • Payment Card -  


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Additional CZK 500

It is easy to make us your bank

If you are interested in changing your bank, we are here for you in our entire branch network. You will handle all during a single visit in our bank. We will take care of everything for you.

Terms and conditions (PDF, 70 kB)


For starters, you will get up to 2 months of free account-keeping from our bank.

Both clients will have the keeping of the U Konto TANDEM Account free of charge in the following months provided they send a total of at least CZK 12,000 a month to one or both accounts.


Print version (PDF, 564 kB)

The campaign is running from 1 October 2018 to 31 December 2018. The Bank reserves the right to change, extend or terminate the Campaign early.

The Campaign will be joined by a client who, after the Account has been established, has confirmed his/her interest in participating in the Campaign through the Form in his/her online banking. The confirmation form will be available in online banking from the third day after the Account is created until the last day of the month following the account’s creation.

Conditions for obtaining rewards for U Konto, U Konto for Young People, TANDEM U Konto, PREMIUM U Konto: The client receives a monthly reward of CZK 100 in the case of at least one card payment connected to the U Konto and one outgoing electronic payment from the U Konto created in the calendar month. A condition for the payment of the CZK 500 fee is the signing of the Bank Change Request form and affirmative completion of the Mobility process.

The conditions of remuneration for the BUSINESS U Konto: The client receives a monthly reward of CZK 100 for two outgoing payments made through direct banking in the calendar month. The condition for a payment of a CZK 500 CZK reward is the implementation of the first standing order for the payment of social and health insurance advances.

Detailed conditions of the Campaign or information about any changes are published on the site
Information about ATM withdrawals - The bank does not charge the transaction, but ATM operators may charge their own fees. The client is informed about the charge on the ATM screen and has the possibility of rejecting the transaction.

This communication is for informational purposes only and is not a proposal to conclude a contract.


U-šetřete Discount Programme

  • Discounts are connected directly to your payment card. No more cards, vouchers or discount codes. You do not have to ask for a discount when paying.
  • Discounts are credited automatically to the account connected to your payment card.
  • The selected offers are tailor-made based on your shopping history.

Since 1 March 2017, a new product has been added to our offering – a Basic Payment Account. It is an account compliant with the requirements of the amended Payment System Act as a result of the implementation of a European directive. The legislation defines the right of any person legally residing in the EU to a payment account with basic features in the Czech Republic. The fees are the same as those charged in accordance with the Price List. For more information, click here.

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