U konto

A package of services with lots of benefits. Free-of-charge cash withdrawals from ATMs worldwide.

U konto main parameters



Payment card

A VISA payment card with the possibility of connecting the card to your EUR or foreign-currency account for unlimited use.  Apple Pay and Google Pay are commonplace.

ATM withdrawals

Free-of-charge cash withdrawals from all ATMs worldwide. Free-of-charge change of your PIN or activation of a new payment card. The Bank does not charge for transactions; however, ATM operators may charge their own fees. Clients are informed about charges on the ATM’s screen and can refuse such transactions.


Discounts and rewards for shopping with more than 150 merchants across the CR throughout the year. Without any coupons or loyalty cards, directly in your UniCredit Bank payment card.

Online Banking

Internet Banking with a security key in your mobile phone Overview of account history, payment cards and securities in one place. Simple and quick login and authorisation of transactions. The possibility of any number of users with various levels of authorisation.

Smart Banking

A convenient and secure mobile application controlled using your fingerprint or Face ID. You can view your account balance immediately using the Fast Check feature. The application also includes Smart Key for the easy and safe management of your Online Banking.

Reserve on your account

Do you often check your account balance in order to meet all of your payments? You can solve this issue by taking out a bank overdraft - you do not need to worry with reserves starting from CZK 5,000 to 150,000.  


With U konto, you can enjoy all the benefits above entirely free of charge.

All you need to do is add up to at least CZK 12,000 monthly payments per account. If it is lower, we will charge you CZK 199 according to the Price List

Looking for an account not only for yourself but also for your partner? We offer you two separate bank accounts that share the same benefits. All you need to do is add up to a monthly turnover of at least CZK 12 000 for both accounts and you have no charges. You do not have to worry that tandem linking of accounts will interfere in some way with the privacy of your finances, unless you wish to have mutual dispositional rights.

   Changing your bank

Do you have an account in another bank? Come to us, changing your bank is simple. We will take care of everything for you. Visit any branch of our bank, bring your ID card and your former bank account number with you. All will be arranged during one meeting and all your standing orders and direct debits will be transferred to your new account with UniCredit Bank within 13 days.



Premium services, gold payment card and medical assistance.

Dětské U konto
Package of services for children from 8 years with payment card and internet banking.

From 1.3.2017 we offer a new product, Basic Payment Account. It is an account meeting the requirements of the amendment to the Payment System Act as a result of the implementation of the European Directive. Legislation defines the right of every person legally resident in the EU to have a payment account with basic functions in the Czech Republic. Fees do not differ from those normally charged according to the Price List. For more information, click here.

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