A stable return with lower risk for conservative clients.

UniCredit Bank’s own bonds

If you are looking for a conservative form of return on your money, you can invest in bonds issued by UniCredit Bank Czech Republic and Slovakia. Owing to a wide range of maturities, you can choose the most appropriate product for you. Our offer includes bonds in CZK, USD, and EUR. If you choose any bond issued by UniCredit Bank and comply with the maturity, you will know in advance what the return on such an investment will be. If necessary, you can sell the bond at its current price according to the applicable rates.

Main benefits:

  • safety of your funds
  • money usually available within 5 days
  • subject to compliance with the maturity, return known in advance


Trading on capital markets

Would you like to trade in stocks or other instruments traded on stock exchanges? Our bank can intermediate for you trading on the Prague Stock Exchange and on the major global stock markets in all instruments traded on such stock exchanges. Thus, you will gain access to a very wide range of attractive investment instruments. Trading on stock exchanges may be carried out by giving instructions at UniCredit Bank branches or by phone through a dedicated department at the UniCredit Bank Head Office.

Main benefits:

  • access to securities traded on the top global stock exchanges
  • the possibility of giving instructions from the comfort of your home
  • liquidity within 3 working days


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