Warning against suspicious e-mails and unknown links and websites

Dear Clients,


We would like to inform you about fraudulent emails which are to give the impression that they were sent from UniCredit Bank. The emails encourage users to open a malware-containing attachment.

Do not respond to such emails and do not open the attachment! Opening the attachment can cause your computer to become infected.


UniCredit Bank never sends such emails to clients.


If you have received such an email and opened the attachment or if you notice anything suspicious in connection with your internet or mobile banking, do not hesitate to immediately contact UniCredit Bank through the client line at 800 14 00 14.


It is recommended to ignore suspicious emails; do not open any links or attachments contained in such emails under any circumstances. Comply with the Rules of Safe Behaviour on the Internet and in the Internet Banking.

When logging in, always make sure that you are at https://cz.unicreditbanking.eu/cs/login_form.

Use an up-to-date antivirus software on your computer and on your smartphone. 




UniCredit Bank


Example of a fraudulent email and website:





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