Apple Pay is a simple and secure way to pay in stores, apps or online. Add a Mastercard payment card to iPhon, iPad, Mac or Apple Watch and don't waste your time at cash registers or by constantly filling in your payment information.

With Apple Pay you pay quickly and easily with your phone or watch. All you have to do is attach the device to a terminal that supports contactless payments and confirm with Touch ID or Face ID.




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How to add a card?

  1. Open Wallet on your iPhone and press +.
    Apple pay
  2. Take a picture of your card and add missing card information manually and press Agree.

  3. Enter the code in Wallet from the received SMS.

  4. Done. You are ready to pay or withdraw.

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How to pay?


  1. Just hold your finger on the fingerprint reader, attach your phone to your payment terminal to make a payment.

  2. You can use FACE ID for the latest models. Press the side button twice in succession to look at the display and when recognized, the phone prompts you to attach it to the terminal.

  3. When paying with the Apple Watch, just press the right button of the watch 2 x and attach it to the payment terminal after vibrating.

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What else may interest you

What cards can I add to Apple Pay?
All debit Mastercards issued by UniCredit Bank in the Czech Republic, excluding Maestro cards.

Do I need to have Internet access on my phone to pay Apple Pay?
No. You only need to access the Internet when you add the card to Apple Pay. However, if you do not connect to the Internet for a long time, the payment may not be made correctly. Therefore, we recommend that you connect to the Internet from time to time to make sure that your payment is smooth and easy with Apple Pay.

What payments can I make with Apple Pay?
You can make payments through Apple Pay on payment terminals that receive contactless payments. You can also pay for it in a mobile vendor or e-shop application, if they allow payments with Apple Pay.

What I have to do, if I can't pay with Apple Pay?
Make sure the tab in Wallet is active and set as the default. Check the card expiration date. If the card is past due, you must re-add the new card to Apple Pay. If you haven't been connected to the Internet for a long time, it may have been that your payment has not been paired. It is therefore necessary to reconnect to the Internet in order to pair additional payments correctly. If you still have difficulty paying Apple Pay, please call Client Center 800 14 00 14.

What should I do if I have lost or stolen my device?
Call our customer Client Center 800 14 00 14 and permanently or temporarily block your Apple Pay cards. You can also enable "Lost" in "Find iPhone" on You can continue to use your plastic cards in your wallet, and they will not be misused.

When paying with Apple Pay, the phone requires authorization for payments below CZK 500.
Apple Pay always requires payment verification according to the chosen method of unlocking your phone (fingerprint, PIN or Face ID).

Can I withdraw cash with my mobile at ATM?
Yes, you can choose when the ATM has a contactless reader. The ATM will ask you for a PIN that is the same as your plastic card and you will enter it on your ATM keyboard.

During the payment with Apple Pay, the terminal asked me to enter a PIN code
In rare cases, the terminal may request a PIN. The PIN on the card added to Apple Pay is the same as on the plastic card.

Will I see transactions made with Apple Pay in transaction history?
Yes. You will see the transactions in Internet Banking or in the Smart Banking application and in the statement. You will also see them in Wallet.

Is it possible to add one card to several mobile devices?
Yes, you can add the same card to more mobile or other Apple devices. The maximum number of devices is 8.

How do I add a card to Apple Watch?
After pairing Apple Watch with iPhone, you start the Watch app and select "Wallet and Apple Pay". Then select "Add Credit / Debit Card" to continue adding the card. During the operation, you may be prompted to confirm the operation with a one-time SMS code.

How to delete a card from Apple Watch?
You can do this in the "Watch" environment available for iPhone.
Select the "i" icon to symbolize the information. Remove the card from the list of available cards.

How do I remove an Apple Pay card?
You can do this in Wallet, as well as on our Client Center 800 14 00 14. In a special case, you can delete the contents of your device (using the "Find My iPhone" application) on All cards added to Apple Pay will be removed from the device even if the device is offline.

If I temporarily or permanently block a plastic card, will I be able to pay Apple Pay, where will I have a card added?
No. Temporary or permanent blocking of the plastic card will also block the card recorded in Apple Pay, so even with Apple Pay (mobile, watch) I will not pay. Any change to the plastic card also affects the card loaded in Apple Pay.

Payment was denied at the payment terminal, but my mobile device showed me that it was completed when I paid. Was the payment made or not?
An Apple user can be notified of a completed payment regardless of whether or not it has been made. The most important is the payment terminal's payment information and confirmation.

Can I add the removed Apple Pay card to Wallet again?
Yes, you can add the same card to Apple Pay again.

What is the default card?
This is a preset card that you pay with Apple Pay.

Can I change my default tab in Wallet?
Yes. Slide the tab you want to pay to the top of the screen. It will appear first on the main screen in Wallet.

What happens when I update or exchange my phone?

Updating your phone does not affect Apple Pay cards in Wallet. However, if you replace your phone, you need to re-add it to Wallet.

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